Week 1 update

Hello everyone! Much of this week has been spent getting each other; I really wanted to find out as much I could about each child so the children made posters about their family, interests, hobbies and likes and dislikes. I really enjoyed this as it also gave me time to speak to them and engage with them as well. The children have also shown me what they are like in the classroom: they have worked hard, participated well, and shown great enthusiasm for each subject! We also had to prepare for the assembly for next Monday and were given the theme of Fire Safetey. As a class we came up with ideas, wrote a script and practiced throughout the week to make sure we are ready!





This week, the students also started their new IMYC unit on Discovery in which they will think about the following statement; “Finding out new things is a human driver and affects things for better or worse.” For our Entry Point into the new unit the students were archaeologists, they were given an excavation kit and had to discover what lay inside. Before, we started with our excavation kit we discussed the word discovery; what it meant to each of them and how it might link to Science, History and Geography. We also made predictions about what we might find in the excavation kits, which lead to interesting an conversation about archaeology. I look forward to seeing where this Topic will take us as a class and what the children will discover for themselves.





Have a good weekend everyone.