Term 3 Week 8 Update

On Tuesday, the students had the SKAC athletics event.  It was a very wet start to the day but the rain soon cleared and the students had an enjoyable day competing against other students their age.

IMG_8023 IMG_7906 IMG_7920

On Thursday, the students went to Ilsan Beach to give it a clean up.

P1040292 P1040290 P1040286 P1040294

After they cleaned up the beach they enjoyed playing sports on the beach.

P1040297 P1040309

The students then had some time to unwind and enjoyed an ice cream at Moby Dick Cafe.  Thank you to the PTA for buying us our delicious ice creams!  It was a lovely morning in which the students had a valuable opportunity to develop their mentoring skills.

P1040314 P1040307 P1040303

Have a lovely weekend everyone.