Term 3 Week 7 Update

In P.E. this week the students decided that they wanted to take a break from preparing for the SKAC Athletics meet and instead enjoyed some games of Capture the Chiken – our take on Capture the Flag.  Thank you to Hayun who took these great photos whilst she was on the sidelines.P1040229

Ethan applies his dodging and weaving skills.


The boys plotting their plan of attack.


A lovely arty shot from Hayun.


Little does Ethan realise that the chicken he seeks is next to him.


Captions for this one can be emailed to me!

The students are continuing to work on their IMYC unit ‘Traditions’. This week the students have been thinking about the different ways they can structure a school year and some of the issues that may arise using different approaches.  The students found the task challenging but felt a great sense of achievement once they had designed a school year which fulfilled the criteria that they had decided upon.

P1040219 P1040220 P1040218


Have a good weekend everyone.