Book Week Shenanigans

This week has been in Book Week. As part of the celebrations we have focused our English lessons around reading. 

We had regular silent reading sessions in class which the students enjoyed.


Sshhh! I’m reading.

The students also selected a book they would like to share with some of the younger students and prepared how they would read the story to the class they had selected.


Adam mesmerising the Y5/6 students with ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar.


Andrei putting Mrs. Munden out of a job!


Hayun demonstrates to Mr. Kearney how it is done.

The students also prepared YouTube book reviews about their favourite books.

When not immersed in book loveliness the students “enjoyed” their circuit session on Tuesday when it was raining.


Next week, the students will have Mr. McLeod on Tuesday and Wednesday whilst I am in Seoul doing the risk assessment before the residential trip the following week. We will also be having a whole school afternoon of sport on Friday.

Have a good weekend everyone.