Term 3 Week 1 Update

Welcome back everyone.  Spring is here and the colours are beautiful.  This week the students started their new IMYC unit on Traditions in which they will think about the following statement; “Beliefs and customs from the past have a powerful effect on our lives today.” This will be linked into the whole schools central concept for the term – Sharing the Planet. For our Entry Point into the new unit the students had to think about traditions that they had in their families, how they felt about them and the influence these traditions had on them. They wrote a reflective piece on this and then started to create a class collage about traditions.IMG_4224

The students have also been finishing off some work from last term.  Below is them putting together their final preparations for drawing their map of the school to scale.


This week a packing list has been sent home with the students for the Seoul trip – there is also a digital copy available on this class page. In English, the students have been starting to look at how to write balanced arguments and in maths the students have begun their unit on algebra.

Finally, I would like to give a special mention to Hayun who completed her Cambridge Checkpoint exams this week.  She worked very hard preparing for the tests and I was very impressed with her diligence. Fingers crossed that her results reflect her excellent effort!

Have a good weekend everyone.