Term 2 Week 9 Update

The students have been happy to welcome back Adam this week after his time in a local Korean school.  On Monday, the students led the school assembly and they decided that they wanted to share with the school what they have learnt in science.  Overall, it was a success and the students should be very proud of how well they did.

IMG_9347 IMG_9320 IMG_9317 IMG_9316 IMG_9312 IMG_9307 IMG_9302 IMG_9301

Wednesday was World Maths Day and the students enjoyed playing Mathletics Live to raise money for UNICEF.


Most of the students hard at work.


Matthew faces a tricky problem.


Daphne taking a quick breather from raising money for UNICEF.


The pace of the questions is beginning to take its toll on Ethan.


Jack realising that he has to answer ‘that’ difficult question!

Finally, this week we have said goodbye to Danish and his family before they move back to Malaysia.  We will miss you and wish you all the best for the future.


Danish receiving his Leaver’s Certificate.


A final, special, family RHFS broadcast.

Have a good weekend everyone.