Winter Olympics Crazy!

As you will have probably gathered, we have been going Winter Olympics crazy here at HFS.  The students in Year 7/8/9 have been working very hard on creating new content for our class blog on a daily basis.  Monday will be our last post.  You can read all of the students posts and leave a comment by clicking on the picture below.

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Thursday was the day of our whole school Winter Olympics.  The students worked very hard planning the event and should be very proud of  what a success it was.


The tense final decider!


Is it a bullet?  Is it a train?  No, it’s Danish!


Watch out for Andrei in a supermarket with a trolley!


Jack! You’ve lost your passenger!


A study in concentration.


Matthew passing on his experience.


The start of our fantastic torch relay.

When not celebrating the Olympics the students have been still hard at work in class.  Here is them grappling with some fraction problems.


Have a good weekend everyone.