Parkour and the Winter Olympics Blog

We are in the middle of another busy week in Year 7/8/9.  In science, the students have been thinking about the different types of energy and beginning to think about the transfer of energy in different systems.


Andrei thinking hard about the transfer of energy from the burner to the liquid.


Are you sure you have turned the burner on?


Ethan and Jack beginning to learn about gravitational potential energy and the conservation of energy.

In PE the students are enjoying their unit on Parkour.  This week they have begun to design a course which they will use for their final project.


The students thinking about how to best set up the hall for parkour.


Thinking about ideas for how they can move through the course making use of a range of moves.

Having a go at using the rope swing!

The students are getting ready for the Winter Olympics.  They have just started a joint project with the Year 5/6 class.  More information will come out in the following weeks.


They will also be running a class blog about the Olympics for the duration of the event.  They will be updating the page each day Monday to Friday for the whole of the Winter Olympics.  The first post will be Monday 12th February at 3 pm.  Make sure you check it out!  You can click on the picture below to visit the page.

Class blog

 Have a good weekend everyone.