October 2017

The students have had a very enjoyable October and are enjoying the cooler conditions for PE.  At the moment the students are learning softball skills as part of our unit on striking and fielding games.  They have improved their throwing and fielding skills and will now work on their batting skills in preparation for our game with the Year 5/6 class next week.

The students have come to the end of their IMYC unit on “Celebration” and next week they will be sharing their Exit Point with the class where they reflect on their understanding of the “Big Idea” and share this with their peers.  The end of the unit also means that next week the students will be sitting their end of unit assessments in both science and ICT & Computing.  On Tuesday 7th November the students will have their Entry Point activity for our new IMYC unit on “Balance” and we will be going on a class trip to Yeomposan.  If you have not already completed the consent form please see the relevant post for more information.

As part of our unit on “Celebration” the students were given the task to develop and use their ICT skills to celebrate the fantastic work that the International Committee of the Red Cross carry out.  Below are two good examples of the videos they created.

The first is by Qistina, Ethan and Matthew.

The second is by Daphne, Hayun and Andrei.

The students worked very hard on these and should be proud of the outcome.

Finally, without doubt one of the highlights of October was the dress up day we had on 31st October.  Thank you to the PTA for helping to organise such a lovely event.  Below are some photos of our various ‘characters’ solving some algebra and fraction problems in maths.

P1040042 P1040044 P1040045 P1040046 P1040047 P1040048