Year 7/8/9 Packing List

Students will need to bring the following items to school every day;

  • A laptop which is fully charged (please see separate guidance for laptop specifications).
  • The charger for their laptops.
  • A mouse to use with their laptop.
  • Any workbooks they have taken home for homework.
  • Their merit/spelling book
  • Their homework diary

Students will store their laptops on a dedicated table at the back of the room or in their locker.  They will not be allowed to keep their laptop in a bag on the floor or on the back of their chair.

All other stationery will be provided for by the school.  However, the students may want to bring in the following optional items;

  • A pencil case containing a blue, black and red pen; a pencil; pencil sharpener; eraser; ruler; protractor; and a compass.
  • Coloured pencils to use for mind maps, poster work etc.
  • A combination padlock to use for their locker (please no key padlocks in case the keys get lost).