Year 7/8/9 Homework Expectations

In Year 7/8/9 homework is seen as a valuable tool to consolidate prior learning, prepare students for future learning in class or to provide time for students to complete tasks which we do not have time for in a busy school day.  All homework will be recorded in the students homework diary provided by the school.

Maths – most weeks, maths homework will consist of students completing assigned activities on Khan Academy or continuing to answer questions which have been set in class. Students will also have a weekly mental maths test based upon essential skills they need for Key Stage 3 maths.

English – students will have a weekly spelling test based on a list of vocabulary they will be using in the upcoming weeks. Students will be expected to spend 20 minutes a week studying these spellings and will be tested on their spellings each Wednesday.  Additional English homework may consist of students completing work which has been set in class, typing up final drafts of their work which will be used for final assessment or completing a range of reading based tasks.

Science – students will be set science homework based upon what is needed in class; this will mean science homework may not be set each week.  Homework activities for science will include research based tasks, completing write ups of experiments which have happened in class or revising key concepts.

History and Geography – like science, students will be set history or geography homework based upon what is needed in class; this will mean homework may not be set each week.  Homework activities may be based around research based tasks which need to be completed over a longer period of time


Plagiarism is defined as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”  We take plagiarism very seriously and if a student’s work is deemed to be plagiarised it will be marked as incomplete. The student will be shown why the work is viewed as plagiarised, what they can do to avoid it in future and be expected to improve upon their work.