Week 12 update

Hello everyone! Another full week of learning has flown by in the year 7,8,9 class as we begin to wrap up our topics for this term.

Our work on nonfiction continued this week as the students look to complete their biographies on inspirational people. We also spent a day writing poetry to celebrate world poetry day. To help the students with this I put up pictures around the classroom, the students had to go to each one and write sentences using: I see, I notice, and I wonder. This formed the base of their poem and then they chose the picture they liked the most to complete a poem about.







Newton’s Laws Motions where the main focus of our science work this week. We conducted an experiment to prove Newton’s Second Law, the students had to role balls of varying sizes and weights down a ramp and record their findings.











We are coming to the end of our unit on women’s Suffrage and to wrap everything up the student will write an essay on Why were women granted the vote in 1918? To help them start this I gave them a worksheet with the four key factors on and they had to sort statements so they matched the correct factor. After this, the students completed an essay plan, which will help them write the essay next week.





Finally, in music, the students presented their presentions on an influential musical artist, which they had been working on for the last few weeks. They had to talk about their impact on music as well as the wider world.





That’s all for this week, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Week 11 update

Hello everyone! Only 2 weeks until the end of the term and still the fun and learning continue’s in London class. The week started with the Year 7,8,9 hosting the assembly that talked about being a good leader, the assembly also involved a game that helped children focus on showing their leadership skills.

The students have finished their travel blog or travel guides and I am very impressed with the work they have produced. Here are the links to each of the student’s work below:
<Leigh ah’s blog
L BLog

Adam’s blog
A blog

Erin’s guide
E guide

Matthew’s guide
M guide

In English, we have moved on to writing biographies and the students have chosen an inspirational person to write their biographies on.

In Maths, we finished our work on area and perimeter and moved onto data handling. We looked at different types of data and different types of graphs. This time we focussed on scattergraphs, histographs and frequency polygons.

In History, we carried our work on women’s Suffrage as the student looked at the key leaders and groups that advocated women’s right to vote in the UK.The students anaylsed sources which is an important historical skill.





That’s all for this week, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Week 10 update

Hello everyone! We’ve been very busy this week at HFS with plenty of learning and fun topped off with a charity event to end the week. Please, also make sure you take the time the fill in this survey, we welcome all feedback. Survey Thank you!!

In maths, this week we continued our work around perimeter and area. The year 9s started solve questions on total surface area and the year 8s have started to find the area of triangles and trapeziums.

In English, the main focus has been to type up their final written piece on travel. I am really looking for the students to be creative with the layout and make sure they have all the content there so that they have an excellent guide or blog.
 Copy of 20190315_094304 Copy of 20190315_094311 Copy of 20190315_094353 Copy of 20190315_094418

In Science, we conducted an experiment on friction to see which surface creates the least and most amount of friction for a toy car. The children also wrote this experiment up in full in their books including a hypothesis and conclusion.








In Geography, we continued to look at refugees, we looked at trends as well as creating a case study based on a particular country. The students needed to include a map, graph, as well as find out the following: The location of the country and the cause of its refugees, The problems and barriers being faced by refugees in their chosen country, The actions being taken to overcome the problems, and The ways in which these actions are increasing possibilities for groups of people in the country.




We ended the week with a pajama day, this event was used as a way to raise for Wehope charity and the PTA. The day ended with a movie and children could also buy popcorn. That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Week 9 update

Hello everyone! Another eventful week in London class, as we continue our learning journey in term two. Firstly, I would like to welcome Erin Yun back to HFS, after spending some time in a Korean school, she has settled really well and made an excellent start.

In History, we started work on the Suffragists and Suffragettes movements, who fought for the women’s right to vote. We looked at the reasons women wanted the right to vote and ordered these from most to least important, the students also had to justify their reasoning. We also look at the counter-arguments many people at the time believed in. The students then produced a role-play that debated these arguments for and against.

20190306_142749 20190306_142753 20190306_142814 20190306_143032 20190307_115323 20190307_115340 20190307_115338

In science, we began our work around moving objects. The students started by mind mapping why we travel, modes of transportation, where, problems and benefits of faster travel. The students also researched the average speed of different modes of transports before investigating their own speed.














In maths we continued to work on area and perimeter, the students have been looking at compound and composite shapes this week, meaning that there are multiple steps to solve the problems they looked at.

In English, the students are well into writing their travel guides or blogs, they have finished researching and are now writing a draft. I hope that they soon will be able to create a final piece of writing using their computers.

This week we also celebrated World Book Day, the students were asked to dress up as their favourite character from a book (sadly London class didn’t dress up) they also received a book from the PTA, which I chose, to help encourage reading. During the day, the students also had the opportunity to start reading their new books, I hope they enjoy them and I will be asking for a book review from them soon!


That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!