Week 11 update

Hello everyone. Back to normality this week, with no trips, events, tests or assembly to prepare for so our week has returned to hard work and fun in the classroom.

In English, we have continued our work around Noughts and Crosses. We have examed different themes of the text and written a creative piece in the style of Malorie Blackman.

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In maths, we have started data handling. To start this unit, I have asked students to carry out their own investigation. They have chosen a question they wish to investigate,  written a hypothesis, created a survey to collect data, and researched secondary data to back up or their hypothesis.

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In History we have looked at two different leaders, firstly we examined Hitler, how he came to power, how he used propaganda and how he used terror to keep and maintain control in Nazi Germany. We then moved onto Martin Luther King, we spent a lesson looking at the background to the Civil Rights Movement and used online software to create a timeline about him.

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Dress up day fun and week 10 update

Greetings from Mr. Dunn! We’ve come to the end of another busy week in Year 7/8/9 London class.

We kicked the week off with our assembly, where the students shared some of their learning with the rest of the school. The assembly was a great success, the rest of the school were really engaged in the activities the students had prepared and I think they had a lot of fun!

As an entry point into our new topic Leadership, I got the students to create their own Nation State as part of an interactive game. The students had come up with the name, motto, currency, classification, and chose a flag. Next, they had to answer a few political questions, which affected the economy, political and personal freedom. Once this was completed they had to issues and as the leader, they had to decide on how best to deal with this issue, which would then affect their Nation State.





In English this week we have begun studying our class text Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. I am definitely excited to see where this book will take us and looking forward to seeing future work the students produce based on it.

On Wednesday, it was the HFS dress up day and I think the entire school had a lot of fun. I kept the morning as normal as possible and the students helped me set up our escape room activity in the afternoon. I think the students really enjoyed planning and making the activity for the rest of the school and I think the other classes enjoyed taking part in it.





To end the week, we had our Year 4 – Year 9 educational visit to Yangdong Village where the students really had a great experience and learned a lot. The highlight of the trip was sweet potato picking!