HFS x TED Talks

In our unit looking to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills the students had a go at researching and presenting their own “TED Talk.”  Below is a video of their final presentation after lots of hard work rewriting their scripts and practising at home in front of the parents/mirror/dog.  We hope you enjoy them.

End of Term 1 Party

To celebrate all the students hard work this term the students will be playing Soccer Golf for their end of term party.  The students will be using foam balls and items like trees, bins or benches around the compound to create “holes” which they then have to try and hit with the foam ball.  Please complete the permission form here to give permission for your son/daughter to leave the school grounds and play the game with their teacher.

November 2017

Winter has finally arrived and the students have had an enjoyable November.  In English, the students completed a unit looking to develop their writing skills further.  In the unit they completed a range of writing exercises looking at different sentence constructions.  Using the fiction genre, they then looked at different ways to portray information to the reader through either writing in the first person or using dialogue.  Once they were more secure in these skills they edited and improved a longer piece of writing they completed earlier in the term.  The product of their hard work is their class e-book of horror short stories which is available on this class page in a separate post. More…