Welcome from Mr Munden

A warm welcome to all returning families and those new families we are welcoming into the community.  I am Mr Munden and this is my third year at Hyundai Foreign School after teaching in London, England for 8 years. More…

Year 7/8/9 Behaviour Expectations

Students in Year 7/8/9 are expected to act as positive role models to the other students at all times; upholding the schools aims for students to be respectful, responsible, tolerant, confident and striving for academic excellence.  To help promote these values students will be rewarded merit points when they demonstrate these characteristics around the school.  Examples of this could include providing insightful answers in class discussions, producing a particularly good piece of work, helping other students when on the playground or taking on a positive leadership role around the school.  Once the class has collected a predetermined number of merits (linked to the number of students in the class) we will have a class reward on a Friday afternoon.

If a student chooses to not try to uphold these school aims they will receive a demerit.  If a student collects 5 demerits they will receive a 5 minute break time detention, if a student receives 15 demerits in a term an email will be sent to the parents notifying them about this.  Demerits can be received for not being respectful to other students or adults, repeatedly not producing work to a level expected of them, repeatedly not completing homework on time or for regularly not bringing to school the required equipment.

The students’ merits and demerits will be recorded in their Merit/Spelling books which they are expected to have in school every day.  Parents are encouraged to check these books regularly to see how their son/daughter is doing.

Year 7/8/9 Packing List

Students will need to bring the following items to school every day;

  • A laptop which is fully charged (please see separate guidance for laptop specifications).
  • The charger for their laptops.
  • A mouse to use with their laptop.
  • Any workbooks they have taken home for homework.
  • Their merit/spelling book
  • Their homework diary

Students will store their laptops on a dedicated table at the back of the room or in their locker.  They will not be allowed to keep their laptop in a bag on the floor or on the back of their chair.

All other stationery will be provided for by the school.  However, the students may want to bring in the following optional items;

  • A pencil case containing a blue, black and red pen; a pencil; pencil sharpener; eraser; ruler; protractor; and a compass.
  • Coloured pencils to use for mind maps, poster work etc.
  • A combination padlock to use for their locker (please no key padlocks in case the keys get lost).

Year 7/8/9 Homework Expectations

In Year 7/8/9 homework is seen as a valuable tool to consolidate prior learning, prepare students for future learning in class or to provide time for students to complete tasks which we do not have time for in a busy school day.  All homework will be recorded in the students homework diary provided by the school.