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HFS x TED Talks

In our unit looking to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills the students had a go at researching and presenting their own “TED Talk.”  Below is a video of their final presentation after lots of hard work rewriting their scripts and practising at home in front of the parents/mirror/dog.  We hope you enjoy them.

End of Term 1 Party

To celebrate all the students hard work this term the students will be playing Soccer Golf for their end of term party.  The students will be using foam balls and items like trees, bins or benches around the compound to create “holes” which they then have to try and hit with the foam ball.  Please complete the permission form here to give permission for your son/daughter to leave the school grounds and play the game with their teacher.

Year 7/8/9 Horror Stories

In Year 7/8/9 the students looked at the horror genre at the start of this term.  Then in their unit on more advanced writing skills they wrote their own horror short stories and redrafted their work several times.  If you click on the picture below you will be able to download the pdf e-book of their horror stories.  The students put a lot of time and effort into their stories and should be proud of their hard work.  Please be advised that some of these stories may not be suitable for younger members of the school.

Copy of Danish - front cover

November 2017

Winter has finally arrived and the students have had an enjoyable November.  In English, the students completed a unit looking to develop their writing skills further.  In the unit they completed a range of writing exercises looking at different sentence constructions.  Using the fiction genre, they then looked at different ways to portray information to the reader through either writing in the first person or using dialogue.  Once they were more secure in these skills they edited and improved a longer piece of writing they completed earlier in the term.  The product of their hard work is their class e-book of horror short stories which is available on this class page in a separate post. More…

October 2017

The students have had a very enjoyable October and are enjoying the cooler conditions for PE.  At the moment the students are learning softball skills as part of our unit on striking and fielding games.  They have improved their throwing and fielding skills and will now work on their batting skills in preparation for our game with the Year 5/6 class next week. More…

IMYC “Balance” Unit Entry Point Activity

On Tuesday 7th November the students will be starting their new International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) unit titled “Balance”.  To get the students into the new unit we will be going for a class hike onto Yeomposan, which is behind the reservoir at the back of the compound, to look at the evidence of balance in nature.  Once we get to our destination the students will then practise “slacklining” using a line set low to the ground. An example of slacklining can be seen below.

We will be leaving school at 9 am and will be back at school in time for lunch.  The students will need to wear comfortable clothing to hike in and a pair of trainers.  If the students want to wear walking boots for the hike they can but they will need to also bring a pair of trainers for the slacklining.  Students will also need to bring a water bottle.  Please complete the permission form here so that your son/daughter can take part in the activity.  If you have any questions please get in touch with me.

September 2017

The students have just finished their GL Assessments.  They have worked very hard on these tests and they will provide me with plenty of extra useful information when planning our units of work.  The students have settled well in the new school year and are already developing some good teamwork skills.  More…

Ulju Mountain Film Festival

Students in Year 3-9 have been invited to attend the Ulju Mountain Film Festival to take part in a number of fun activities on Friday 22nd September 2017. Whilst there, the students will get the chance to experience a Tree Climbing ‘Namunori’ Fun Route, walk along the Relaxation Route, enjoy a Yeongnam Alps Virtual Reality Experience and take part in silkscreen printing. Students will need to bring with them a white or lightly coloured plain t-shirt or canvas bag for them to take part in the silkscreen printing activity. We will leave school at 9:10 am and will be back by the end of the school day. We will be travelling to the festival by coach and the students will need to bring a packed lunch with them that does not need to be heated.

Please complete the permission form if you are happy for your son/daughter to take part. Waist measurements are needed for the harnesses which will be used in the tree climbing activity. Blood type has been requested by the festival organisers as a precaution.

Welcome from Mr Munden

A warm welcome to all returning families and those new families we are welcoming into the community.  I am Mr Munden and this is my third year at Hyundai Foreign School after teaching in London, England for 8 years. More…