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Final Update for 2019/2020

Hello everyone!

What a fantastic way to end the year with international projects,  classwork, awards, graduation and farewells. Congratulations to Theo for winning the Commendation award and Dayeon for winning the Citizenship award, worthy recipients, who have both done extremely well this term. Also, Year 5-9 are sad to see Dayeon and Leigh-ah move on to new schools they will both be missed by all at HFS and good luck. I must also congratulate Leigh-ah on graduating from Middle School she has spent most of her academic years at HFS, it has been a big part of her life and I wish her all the success in the future.














Much of this week has been spent getting ready for the final assembly, working on projects, rehearsing and putting together the videos the class created to show off some of their learning from this term. That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing most of you all again in August.

Term 3 Week 11 Update

Hello everyone.

A very busy week for everyone at HFS. Thank you and well done to the Student Council, who after helping to organise Sports Day then went on to help organise the School Dance Party. It should be a lot of fun and I hope to see many of you back to school to enjoy this event shortly.


In English, this week the students wrote and edited their own poems based around the objects they photographed last week, I was very pleased with the poems they created. After writing the poems, the students then spent a lesson working on poetry performance, they watched examples of poets performing their work and ended with the student performing the poem they created.

20200710_111711 20200710_111808 20200710_111920 20200710_111106 20200710_111219 20200710_111355 20200710_111526

Also this week as a class we discussed the importance of Online Saftey and created a poster to show what the students learnt.


20200710_150021 20200710_150028 20200710_145922 20200710_145927 20200710_145930 20200710_145939 20200710_145951 20200710_150008

Week 10 Term 3 Update

Hello everyone,

An eventful week that ended with Sports Day which, unfortunately, was cut short due to the weather. The students did compete very well in the events that did take place and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. I think we all wished we could have stayed outside and completed every event.

IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5270 IMG_5266 IMG_5267 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5291 IMG_5292


In English, we continued our work around poetry, the students looked at observation writing so that we can write our own poems. The students went around the school and outside to take pictures of different objects. After that, we went back to the classroom, choose one picture and began to think of different ways to describe that object, using different figurative devices


20200702_092413 20200702_092424_HDR 20200702_092539 20200702_093010 20200702_091310 20200702_091356 20200702_091425 20200702_091911 20200702_091919 20200702_091923 20200702_091927 20200702_091929 20200702_091931 20200702_093042 20200702_093005_HDR 20200702_092651_HDR 20200702_092640

We started our new unit Moving People last week and the students were set a piece of homework to find out about their families migration nationally and internationally. They then record this onto GoogleEarth showing the movement of their families and explaining the reasons. We also looked at the push and pull factors of migration.


That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Term 3 Week 9 Update

Hello everyone!

Firstly, well done to Dave, Lina and Leigh-ah on completing their Cambridge Checkpoint Exams, I am sure they did very well. We are into the final few weeks of the third term before breaking up for the summer vacation and there is so much to fit in still and lots of learning to do.

A bit of fun was squeezed in between the exams in the form of character dress-up day, I am pleased that the entire class joined in and well done to Jeongwoo, who was voted to have the best costume.

IMG_5247 IMG_5246 IMG_5244 IMG_5243 IMG_5240 IMG_5238 IMG_5250 IMG_5249 IMG_5248

This week we completed our IPC unit ‘What a Wonderful World’ by looking at changes the planet Earth experiences on more frequently. This meant that the children explored the relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, they found out about how Day and Night occurs, seasons, and the phases of the Moon. The students also started our final IPC unit of the year called Moving People, they also have homework to complete a survey about their families migration around the world.

20200624_140019 20200624_141022 20200624_141029 20200624_141239 20200624_143137 20200624_143142 20200624_143148 20200624_143158 20200624_144146 20200624_144156 20200624_144724 20200624_144849


20200624_150351 20200624_150632 20200624_150641 20200624_150648 20200624_140007

In English, we have also started our final unit, the students will be looking at the famous poet Joseph Coelho and explored a variety of poems by him. By the end of the unit, the children will also write their own poems.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone.

Term 3 Week 8 Update

Hello everyone!

It has been such as busy week with so much going on! The students completed their GL assessments in Maths, English and Science, the test have been marked and these will be discussed during parent-teacher conferences.

In PE we have been doing football, the footballs are part of the break time equipment so are cleaned twice a day. This week we have worked on dribbling, passing as well as attacking and defending. The students have tried to spread out and attack or defend in certain zones so that they don’t bunch together.

20200616_114429 20200616_120405 20200616_120402 20200616_120359 20200616_114515 20200616_114513 20200616_114433 20200616_114431For IPC, this week the students looked at erosion, weathering and types of rocks. They were able to exam different rocks samples, describe them, discover their uses and find out how they are formed.

20200617_141438 20200617_150522 20200617_150535 20200617_135723 20200617_135741 20200617_135745 20200617_135751 20200617_135758 20200617_135811 20200617_141228 20200617_141240 20200617_141245 20200617_141322


Term 3 Week 7 Update

Hello everyone!

Welcome back Year 5-9!!! After a long wait, the end of online teaching has come and Year 5-9 joined the rest of HFS back at school. I have really enjoyed this week and it has been great to see them, interact and watch them interact with each other, after such a long absence. I hope they have enjoyed this week as much as I have! There have been a few changes to their learning environment and again they have adapted well!

For English this week the students have continued to work on persuasive writing, we looked at creating cohesion in our writing, emotive language and started to plan their own persuasive letter.

In IPC, we came to the end of our Geography focus and we have now moved onto look at the Science aspect of this unit. The students looked at different landforms as well as looking at the different types of soil.

In maths, this week we moved on to Ratio and Proportion, the students solved problems around enlargement of shapes and then fractions problems involving money.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

20200612_143144 20200612_143207 20200612_143229 20200612_143237 20200612_143253 20200612_143309 20200612_143316 20200612_143134 20200612_143139 20200612_110638 20200612_143355

Term 3 Week 6 Update

Hello everyone.


The final week of online learning has come to an end, the Year 5-9s will be back in school on Monday and it has been awfully quiet without them. I am looking forward to them joining us and I hope they are looking forward to being back.


In English, the students continued their work on persuasive writing, we looked at modal verbs, main point and elaboration and developing our own persuasive paragraph using different techniques.


In maths, we finished our unit on position and movement, the students worked on plotting, translating shapes and reflections shapes on the four quadrants. Next week the students will move onto Ratio and Proportion.


For IPC, the students spent a large part of the week making a model that showed the different types of tectonic plates, they also researched and found out about the natural disasters.


Finishing off your model of the tectonic plates (2020. 6. 5. 오후 6_59_49) image0 (2) 20200603_115534 20200603_123343 WIN_20200603_12_40_39_Pro 20200603_124723 image1 (1) 20200605_115924


That’s all for this weekend, have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!!!

Term 3 Week 5 Update

Hello everyone!


It has been great to hear the sound of children around the school as we opened our doors to the FS1/2 class and Year 1/2 class. There is only one week left of E-Learning for the Year 5-9s and then they can rejoin us and get back to learning in a school environment.

For IPC, the students started a new topic called ‘What a Wonderful World’, they started by looking at different Biomes, then they looked at different types of maps, and lastly, they drew diagrams to show the different layers of the earth.


Earth's Layers (May 28, 2020 8_08_32 PM) Earth leigh-ah Earth's Layers (2020. 5. 28. 오후 5_46_38) Earth's Layers (May 28, 2020 8_08_17 PM) Earth Theo earth image WIN_20200528_15_52_00_Pro WIN_20200529_13_22_36_Pro

Dave earthEarth Lina 2 Earth Lina

We started the week off by finishing off Kensuke’s Kingdom where Michael was reunited with his family in the end and Kensuke stayed on the Island, he did not want to return to his family believing them to be dead. The rest of the week the students spent time working around our new topic on persuasive writing, they looked at some of the features as well as identifying these in example texts.

Lina anotation Theo anotations Lina features Features of Persuasive Writing (May 28, 2020 8_09_31 PM) Dave anotations


That’s all for this week, I have a great weekend!

Term 3 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!
As we enter the fourth week of term three we are coming to the end of our first set of units for this term so much of the week has been spent wrapping thing ups. HFS will begin to reopen next week with FS1/FS2 and Year 1/2 coming into school on Wednesday with the other class joining us in the coming weeks, not long to go until we are all back together.


In English, we have just one chapter to go in Kensuke’s Kingdom, as the character grew closer and Kensuke back story is revealed. Next week, will also see the students start their unit around persuasive writing. Most of this week the students have been typing up an explanation text on How to Survive on a Deserted Island?


For our IPC unit this week the students have looked at trade from a historical angel, they have produced: a leaflet detailing the best items to trade from different civilisations, a presentation on how trade changed over time and a fact file on a famous explorer.

Theo Vasco Ashleigh leaflet History of trade Leigh-ah leaflet Lina leaflet


Hannah Dayeon explorers

In maths, we have already moved onto position and movement and the students have worked on translation and reflection problems.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

Term 3 Week 3 Update

Hello everyone!

As the 3rd week of this term come to an end the end of online learning appears to be in sight, please check the newsletter for further details. Sadly, Year 5-9 will have to continue with online learning a little more than the younger students, but I know that even though they miss school they will continue to work hard from home in these difficult circumstances.

In English this week we continued our learning around Michael Morpurgo ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ we have reached Chapter 6, were Michael has found out he is not alone on the Island, he has met Kensuke and the Island belongs to him so rules are put in place. The students have written some creative pieces around the recent chapters we have read including a setting description and introducing an additional character, they have also analysed Kensuke and Michael’s relationship.

Year 5-9 English (14) Year 5-9 English (13) Year 5-9 English (12) Year 5-9 English (9) Year 5-9 English (8) Year 5-9 English (7) Year 5-9 English (6) Year 5-9 English (5) Year 5-9 English (4) Year 5-9 English (3) Year 5-9 English (1) Year 5-9 English (15)

For IPC work the students have mainly focussed on the impact on tourism on local areas both positive and negative. The students made an interactive map of Ulsan tourists spots and researched what is been done to fight over-tourism. Next, we will have more of a History focus.

Leigh-ah map

Hannah map

Dayeon map

Jeongwoo map

Asheligh map

Dave island

Theo reef

Kristian Kenya

Lina reef

Dhanya venice

In maths, we have come to an end of our unit on Algebra and we will be moving on to position and movement.

That’s all for this wee, have a great weekend!