Week 6 update

Hello everyone! Another busy week in the Year 7,8,9 class filled with a variety of learning experiences. The students have worked very hard this week in each subject and we will now be moving on to different units in our Topic and English lessons.

In English, we have completed our leaflets and have started work around travel writing, which should take us up to the end of the term. The students wrote a piece of travel writing to start this unit off and then they will write another at the end of the term so we can see how they have improved.

In Science, we finished off our unit on magnets with the students designing and making their own microbot that moved by magnetism. We looked at how microbots are used in healthcare. Then designed our robots to carry gadgets to help complete medical tasks. The challenge was to make sure it was light enough to move up a then inside of a jar.

 20190213_145030 20190213_150348 20190213_150524 20190213_150533 20190213_150827 20190213_150836 20190214_115148(1) 20190214_115443(1) 20190213_142813 20190213_151624 20190213_145922_HDR 20190213_145127 20190213_142842_HDR

In maths, the students have been working around coordinates and the coordinate plane, they had to work on plotting linear relations. As a challenge for this week, I also sent them on a maths scavenger hunt around the school. They had to complete a variety of puzzles and see who could finish first.









This is the end of our unit on Respect and as an exit point the children will make a video about the Big Idea and their learning expeirences. As an entry point to our new unit called Challenge, I challenged the students to make oragami butterflies and then write about the challenges they have faced and how they over came them.














It has been a very enjoyable week and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Week 5 update

Hello everyone! I hope we all had a wonderful Seollal break! This week was very short, but still filled with lots of fun learning activities. On a more serious note: Phones are now banned from the classroom as they are being used at the wrong time. If your child needs to take their phone to school then they must put on my desk each day and they will get back at the end of the day.

In English, we continued non-fiction work with a focus on leaflets. The students looked at persuasive techniques and made a plan ready to create a leaflet next week.
In History, we are coming towards the end of our work around the American Revolution, the children looked at the declaration of independence. The students needed to update the declaration of independence and discuss its impact.


On Friday afternoon we Years 2-9 had a trip to the HHI Art Gallery, this was a great experience. The students were able to see different artists work on display and a guide was able to explain each particular artist and their style.














I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Week 4 update

Hello everyone! We have had a very busy week this week with lots of fun projects started across the curriculum. This week was extra busy as we celebrated Seollal as a school. This included the students making new wishes to be hung on a tree, presenting a presentation to the school, flying kits and playing traditional Korean games. It was a fun-filled day and I am sure the whole school had a great day!







This week in History, the class made a timeline of the significant events of the American Revolution, they then made this a display. Each student was given four events to research and produce a document that explained the event.


In maths the students have been working on formulas, they had to solve a variety of questions. We also used one lesson to create our own formula based on who is the best basketball shooter in the class. We then went down to the gym and worked out who was the best using the formula we had created.






In science we made our own compasses from pastic lids, needle and a bowl of water. The students then asnwered questions around this: How do compasses work and how they relate to the Earth itself.






I hope that everyone has a wonderful Seollal and Happy New Year!

Term 2 Week 3 update

Hello everyone! We have had a very busy week in the Year 7,8,9 class. The week started off with myself being off as I hurt my back, this meant I missed their assembly, which went well apart from a few technical difficulties. This rest of the week I was hobbling around the classroom.

In English, the class finished off their movie reviews and typed them up as homework I was very pleased with the final outcome. We have now moved onto writing newspapers, we have looked at creating headlines, subheading, and captions as well as writing introductions to newspaper articles.

20190125_122743 20190125_122812 20190125_122827 20190125_122839 20190125_122846

In maths, the class spent the week working on our mental maths skills. We played some different games including, Pointless, Numbercrunch, and a betting maths game. These were a lot of fun and broke up the lessons so we weren’t just using the textbook.



In science, the class looked at magnetic fields, the class had to use a magnet and a compass to draw the magnetic fields.








It has been a very fun week with lots of different learning going on. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Term 2 Week 2 update

Hello everyone! This week has been filled with a variety of fun-filled learning activities in the Year 7,8,9 class. Firstly, I would like to welcome back Leigh-ah Duggan a former student of HFS, she has settled really well and made and an excellent start.

In English, we have spent the week working on writing movie reviews. The students looked at how to write different parts of movie reviews and how to write those parts this included introducing the movie, discussing character portrayal, summarising the plot, and discussing visuals and action. Finally, the students put all of this together and started writing a full movie review based on the movie they watched and made notes on as homework.


In History, we continued to look at the American Revolution. The main focus was to look at the events that lead up to the American Revolution and how they caused them. To do this the students went on a scavenger hunt around the school to locate QR codes, they scanned them and this linked them to the relevant information for each event. The students then came back to class and they were asked to write a tweet that summarised one of the events and expressed the colonist’s feelings on it.

20190115_135557_HDR 20190115_135601 20190115_134924 20190115_134943 20190115_135449

In Geography, we looked at Urban sprawl and the impact this has had on cities, the students created presentations on this.


That’s all for this week, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Term 2 Week 1 update

Welcome back everyone, I hope we all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. The year 7,8,9’s jumped straight into our new topics for each subject and there have been lots of fun learning experiences.

Our new IMYC Topic which covers Science, Geography, and History is called Respect with the big ideas being ‘It’s important to honour behaviour and processes that have proven merit.’ As an entry point to this topic, I gave the students the scenario of being stuck on a deserted island and they had to come up with the laws and processes for this.



In history, the focus will be on The American Revolution, in the first lesson we looked at what motivated people to move to America in the first place. To show what the children have learned I asked the students to create a display.






In maths, we have gone back to working in on calculation of number and looked at a few different areas such as BIDMAS and Integers. We played a few different games around these concepts.

20190110_111829 20190110_111827 20190110_111828

In English, the main focus will be non-fiction for this term. We started by writing summaries and then moved on to writing reviews.

In PE, we started a unit on basketball and the main focus for the lesson was dribbling skills. The students practiced dribbling with both hands and having close control of the ball.

20190108_120457 20190108_120454 20190108_120308 20190108_120120 20190108_120115 20190108_120111 20190108_122253

Final week of term 1

Hello everyone,

We have had a very busy final week before we break up for the Christmas holidays. The Winter Show kicked things off and it was a great success, with lots of money being raised for the PTA and the children put on excellent performances for everyone to enjoy.


IMG_3072 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3105 IMG_3118 IMG_3139 IMG_3140 IMG_3144 IMG_3153

To wrap things up in Geography and Science we looked at water shortages and how this is also a global problem. The students worked out approximately how much water they use in their household and ways they can save water. They also used any equipment in the science cupboard to try and clean water to see how difficult this process is.









In English we are yet to finish Noughts and Crosses so the ending will have to wait until after Christmas. As a final activity we did some creative writing from different characters perspectives at the current point in the story. In the Year 9s moved onto 3D shape and the Year 7s moved onto angles to finish off the init on geometry.

As it is the last day of term I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope that you all have a wonderful break and do lots of fun and exciting things during your time off school. Take care and I will see all the students back on the 7th January.




Week 15 update

Hello everyone!

The Winter Show is nearly upon us so much of this week has been preparing for this event. I hope all of you can join us for the Winter Show as each class has put a lot of effort into their songs. The drama club has also put a lot of effort in as well I am sure they will put on a wonderful performance as well. The year 7,8,9s will be performing ‘A Whole New World,’ with the year 4,5,6 class. Ms. Esther has made some changes, which has enhanced the performance. The Lip-sync performance is coming along nicely and the students are really getting into it. May I remind students to come in their costumes if they are in the play and if not they will need to dress in red and white. I also hope the children can come in Christmas jumpers for our Lip-sync performance.

Here are my little elves hard at working making stockings to be sold at the Winter Show.






With the rest of our time, our learning continued as we look to finish each topic off before the end of the term. In our English lessons, we have continued our work around ‘Noughts and Crosses,’ I really hope we can complete the book together in class. The student’s main focus has been the theme of capital punishment, they have researched the arguments for and against this in order for them to have a debate.

In maths, we have moved onto shape and the Year 7s have been looking at 2D shapes and the Year 9s have been looking at polygons. We looked at the facts we knew and how we could use these to solve problems. Later in the week,k the students moved onto 3D shapes the year 7s looking at properties and the year 9s looked at drawing 3D shapes.



In our geography lessons, we spent our time looking at the charity Water Aid and the work this charity does. The class made presentations and presented these to each other.




Week 14 update

Hello everyone!

Year 7,8,9 have had a very busy week filled with lots of new learning. We are getting closer to the end of term and some of our time has been dedicated to practicing for the Christmas show. The class will be performing “A whole new world” for the Aladdin play and a Christmas lip sync performance.

In maths, we began a started to look at position and movement. The year 7s worked on reflection, rotational symmetry and rotation, while the year 9s worked on enlargement and combined translations. They really showed their accuracy with their drawings and a number of mathematical skills.

20181129_111944 20181127_105952 20181127_105959 20181127_110016

In English, we continued our work around Noughts and Crosses, we have reached a very exciting part of the story. The students looked at the theme of capital punishment and its the importance to the plot and looked at how events in the story motivated the characters actions.

In geography, the students have been looking at the global issue of access to clean water. The students had to research this problem and look at the countries most affected by this issue and why. They also analysed maps that showed countries access to clean water, discussed patterns and reasons for the pattern.