Week 15 update

Hello everyone!

The Winter Show is nearly upon us so much of this week has been preparing for this event. I hope all of you can join us for the Winter Show as each class has put a lot of effort into their songs. The drama club has also put a lot of effort in as well I am sure they will put on a wonderful performance as well. The year 7,8,9s will be performing ‘A Whole New World,’ with the year 4,5,6 class. Ms. Esther has made some changes, which has enhanced the performance. The Lip-sync performance is coming along nicely and the students are really getting into it. May I remind students to come in their costumes if they are in the play and if not they will need to dress in red and white. I also hope the children can come in Christmas jumpers for our Lip-sync performance.

Here are my little elves hard at working making stockings to be sold at the Winter Show.






With the rest of our time, our learning continued as we look to finish each topic off before the end of the term. In our English lessons, we have continued our work around ‘Noughts and Crosses,’ I really hope we can complete the book together in class. The student’s main focus has been the theme of capital punishment, they have researched the arguments for and against this in order for them to have a debate.

In maths, we have moved onto shape and the Year 7s have been looking at 2D shapes and the Year 9s have been looking at polygons. We looked at the facts we knew and how we could use these to solve problems. Later in the week,k the students moved onto 3D shapes the year 7s looking at properties and the year 9s looked at drawing 3D shapes.



In our geography lessons, we spent our time looking at the charity Water Aid and the work this charity does. The class made presentations and presented these to each other.




Week 14 update

Hello everyone!

Year 7,8,9 have had a very busy week filled with lots of new learning. We are getting closer to the end of term and some of our time has been dedicated to practicing for the Christmas show. The class will be performing “A whole new world” for the Aladdin play and a Christmas lip sync performance.

In maths, we began a started to look at position and movement. The year 7s worked on reflection, rotational symmetry and rotation, while the year 9s worked on enlargement and combined translations. They really showed their accuracy with their drawings and a number of mathematical skills.

20181129_111944 20181127_105952 20181127_105959 20181127_110016

In English, we continued our work around Noughts and Crosses, we have reached a very exciting part of the story. The students looked at the theme of capital punishment and its the importance to the plot and looked at how events in the story motivated the characters actions.

In geography, the students have been looking at the global issue of access to clean water. The students had to research this problem and look at the countries most affected by this issue and why. They also analysed maps that showed countries access to clean water, discussed patterns and reasons for the pattern.





Week 13 update

Dear parents,

We have had a very exciting week in Year 7,8,9 class. We have been preparing for our assembly, which will take place next Monday. The main focus for our assembly will be Noughts and Crosses, the novel we have been reading in our English lessons.

Tuesday was a special day globally, as people celebrated and promoted World Children’s Day. I spent some of our lesson time introducing this to the students. We explored the UNICEF website, which set up the day to help improve and promote children’s rights. The students were then able to complete some work around the day. I asked them to create a comic strip that would show a superhero protecting children’s rights.





In science, we carried out a scientific investigation that explored the rate of photosynthesis. In this experiment, the rate of photosynthesis is measured by counting the number of bubbles rising from the cut end of a piece of Cabomba. The variable we test was light intensity so we counted the amount of bubble released when the light was at different distances from the plant The students had to write up a full investigation making a hypothesis, discussing the variables, recording results, and making a conclusion from these results.

20181121_144655 20181121_150300 20181121_150143 20181121_145906 20181121_145551_HDR 20181121_145529_HDR 20181121_145521_HDR

In English, we continued to explore Noughts and Crosses. We used the novel to develop our writing use the P.E.E.L technique and wrote a paragraph on How does the author use carefully chosen language to express how characters feel in the novel? To help them answer this question, I asked the students to create a graph which showed how a character’s feelings changed throughout the book. They then had to find quotes to support this and later discussed those quotes when answering the question.  The students also got creative and wrote a news report, they then became news presenters and I recorded them. The students are really enjoying this book and we have reached a very exciting part of the story.

20181123_110049 20181123_104943 20181123_110742 20181123_110441

Week 12 update

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good week! We have had a very busy week in Year 7,8,9 London class.

In maths, the students continued with their investigation from last week, finishing off their analysis of secondary data. They also were able to gather their results into tables and then had to create graphs from these results.





In English, we continued our work around Noughts and Crosses and we are beginning to see characters and plot develop. We explored the characters and how they had changed throughout the text. Also, the students created a mind map on how the author was influenced by historical events.

In science, we started to explore climate change. Firstly, the children sorted different environmental issues that are destroying Earth and ranked them from most important to least. Next, they completed a sheet on global warming. After that, the children analysed graphs, that showed the temperature of Earth and the amount of Carbone Dioxide.








In history, we continued our timeline on Martin Luther King and looked more closely into his methods and the impact he had.

Week 11 update

Hello everyone. Back to normality this week, with no trips, events, tests or assembly to prepare for so our week has returned to hard work and fun in the classroom.

In English, we have continued our work around Noughts and Crosses. We have examed different themes of the text and written a creative piece in the style of Malorie Blackman.

20181107_094204 20181107_094222 20181107_094230_HDR 20181107_094236_HDR 20181107_094556 20181109_091314

In maths, we have started data handling. To start this unit, I have asked students to carry out their own investigation. They have chosen a question they wish to investigate,  written a hypothesis, created a survey to collect data, and researched secondary data to back up or their hypothesis.

20181107_110329 20181107_111221 20181107_111227

In History we have looked at two different leaders, firstly we examined Hitler, how he came to power, how he used propaganda and how he used terror to keep and maintain control in Nazi Germany. We then moved onto Martin Luther King, we spent a lesson looking at the background to the Civil Rights Movement and used online software to create a timeline about him.

20181109_151923 20181109_151734 20181109_151757 20181109_151900

Dress up day fun and week 10 update

Greetings from Mr. Dunn! We’ve come to the end of another busy week in Year 7/8/9 London class.

We kicked the week off with our assembly, where the students shared some of their learning with the rest of the school. The assembly was a great success, the rest of the school were really engaged in the activities the students had prepared and I think they had a lot of fun!

As an entry point into our new topic Leadership, I got the students to create their own Nation State as part of an interactive game. The students had come up with the name, motto, currency, classification, and chose a flag. Next, they had to answer a few political questions, which affected the economy, political and personal freedom. Once this was completed they had to issues and as the leader, they had to decide on how best to deal with this issue, which would then affect their Nation State.





In English this week we have begun studying our class text Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. I am definitely excited to see where this book will take us and looking forward to seeing future work the students produce based on it.

On Wednesday, it was the HFS dress up day and I think the entire school had a lot of fun. I kept the morning as normal as possible and the students helped me set up our escape room activity in the afternoon. I think the students really enjoyed planning and making the activity for the rest of the school and I think the other classes enjoyed taking part in it.





To end the week, we had our Year 4 – Year 9 educational visit to Yangdong Village where the students really had a great experience and learned a lot. The highlight of the trip was sweet potato picking!














Week 9 update

Hello everyone! An incredibly hectic week for the Year 7,8,9, which included: assembly prep, GL assessments, UNIST trip and dress up day prep, this has meant that our normal schedule had to change to fit everything in.

Our trip to UNIST was a success, it really opened the student’s eyes to university life. The tour took us around the facilities of the campus showing the students the labs where research is carried out, the library, the Student Union building, and the dormitories. The guide gave great detail about university life for UNIST students and they were able to ask additional questions. I hope this has inspired the class to start thinking about their future and have high aspirations for themselves. I also hope to follow this trip up with potentially visiting again and being able to use their labs, but this will depend on the university.

1 2 3 4 5

The Year 7,8,9 class will have an assembly next Monday, they will show some of the work they have done throughout our Topic of discovery. To show the rest of the school some of the learning, the students have produced an interactive game based on early American settlement and the problems the settlers faced. They will also show them an experiment they carried out on paper planes and allow the children from other classes to carry out the same experiment with their guidance.



Throughout this week the students had tests to allow me to see if there are any gaps in their previous learning and help me with my future planning. The students had three tests one for English, maths, and science and I am sure they have done very well.


Yangdong Village trip permission form

As part of our IMYC topic Discovery, the children have been learning about settlements. Due to this, we have organised an educational visit to Yangdong Village for the November 2nd as it is one of the earliest settlements in South Korea. Yangdong Village is a UNESCO heritage site and will allow the children to gain knowledge across geography and history. The children will discover the reasoning behind settlement location and learn about a previous way of life. In addition, the children will also have an opportunity to pick sweet potatoes and make a kite as part of the Yandong Village experience. As part of this trip we kindly ask that parents make a contribution of 10,000 won and fill out the permission form below.

Click here to submit permission for the trip.

Week 8 update


Hello everyone!  This week has been a very busy week with lots of different learning and discovery throughout.

In science, the students conducted an experiment to see, which object in school, carries the most bacteria. I ordered a science kit, which included Petri dishes with agar (agar allows the bacteria to be cultured) and a set of sterile cotton swabs. Each student was able to take a two cotton swabs, they dipped it in water first and then swab the object they were testing. They then came back to the classroom and applied the contents onto the surface of the agar. We then observed the bacteria growth over the rest of the week.

20181016_145246 20181016_145019 20181016_145343 20181016_145555 20181016_145625 20181016_143907_HDR 20181016_144658 20181016_144601 20181016_144323 20181016_144234

The kitchen sink clearly had the most amount of bacteria growth.

In maths, we spent some of this week this working on our algebra games and I am sure these will be finished next week. The children have put a lot of effort into the games with a variety of questions, challenges, and penalties to make algebra engaging. The rest of our time was spent,  simplifying expressions and we will move onto distributive law next week.

In English, the students have been writing their own narrative poem. I showed the students three animation shorts that they could base their poem on. They planned their poem using a mind map, which helped them think about different features of a narrative poem and come up with ideas.

20181019_104440 20181019_104403_HDR 20181019_104424 20181019_104433_HDR


Week 7 update

Hello everyone! Another short week at school, which has been filled with fun, learning, and exploration.

In maths this week, we have continued our work on algebra and spent some time simplifying algebraic expressions. As this felt like it was becoming repetitive, I decided that the children should create a game. The Years 7s teamed up together to make a game for the Year 9s and vice versa. We will have two very different games, the Year 7s have decided to make a board game, whereas the Year 9s have gone with a card game. I can’t wait for these to be finished so we can try them out!

20181012_094554 20181012_094541

In English this week we have started to explore The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes (a narrative poem). To start with we created a glossary of unknown words, identified features of a narrative poem; analysed literary and linguistic features and finally analysed the characters. We have really been delving deep into Alfred Noyes and I hope to get the students to create their own narrative poem.



In science, we carried out an experiment to see which paper plane would fly the furthest. The students discussed possible variables to test and then chose one of those to go and explore. The Year 7s looked at different shapes and the Year 9s looked at adding flaps. We then went to the gymnasium and carried out our experiment, testing each plane three times. For the rest of the week, the children have been writing up their experiment and making conclusions from their results. 20181010_140958 20181010_141006 20181010_141013 20181010_141002 20181010_150856 20181010_151105 20181010_152329 20181010_152201 20181010_151501