Term 2 Week 4 Update

Another week down and another new student joins the Year 6-9 class, up to the dizzy heights of 5 students now! We welcome Iris, who has settled in well!

In maths, we end our work on Scale drawing by looking at maps and finding the real distances between two locations. We then moved onto different types of data, the students created a quick personal profile before deciding whether it was qualitative data or quantitative data.

For English, we continue to look at non-fiction and have now started looking at magazines. The students spent a few lessons looking at the features and later in the week we came together to start a HFS magazine project, first, we worked together to come up with ideas for articles and the name of the magazine.

This week, in Geography the students looked at how the Gold Rush in America lead to new settlements being created around this discovery of gold.

The students also conducted a science experiment, looking at roto-copters and modifications they could make to these.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.