Term 2 Week 3 Update

Hello everyone,

A super busy week, with lots of different learning going on. This week has also included our class being responsible for our virtual pet, making sure he is well looked after.

After looking at persuasive techniques in the previous weeks this weeks the students have worked on an advertising campaign. They worked in pairs to advertise a new settlement linking in well with our IMYC topic ‘Discovery’. Each pair has worked on producing a large poster, which will include a persuasive speech to the King, a persuasive leaflet and a persuasive poster.

In Geography, the students looked at the different areas of early American Settlements and chose where their settlement would be located. They carefully considered a wide range of factors and justified their reasons.

In Science, we looked at a timeline of key Scientific Discoveries and analysed each of these. In History, the students looked at the impact exlporers had on the place they discovered and draw the route they took.

That’s all for week, have a great weekend!