Term 2 Week 2 Update

Hello everyone!

It has been such a nice week have all the students back at school. We also welcomed back Margo to the Year 6-9 class, she spent around a year back in Russia and has seamlessly adapted back to life at HFS.

This week in English, the students worked on persuasive writing. We looked at the school’s own leaflet and discussed the features used as well as discussing how persuasive we thought we thought it was. Next, the students created their own leaflet on an area of their choice.

Also this week the students researched the Renaissance to give them some historical context for the Age of Discovery.

I would also like to offer a parent-teacher conference meeting as we weren’t able to meet in person before Christmas. Please respond to my email that will be sent out if you would like to arrange one.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.