Week 12 Update

Hello everyone!

Another week full of learning and exploration as we really kick on with our new units which will see us through to the end of this term.

In History, the students started to look at England in the Middle Ages and what life was like. The students went on a museum walk and answered questions to gain an understanding of this period. After that, they compared this to life in the Middle Ages to life in England now. Next, the students looked at claimants to the throne of England and each of their strengths and weakness. This will lead us to explore a great change for England, which will impact how society is structured.

In Geography, the students looked at how towns and cities are structured. First, the students looked at pictures of the local area and sorted these images into different groups. They then designed their own city and explained why they structured their city the way they did.

In English, we started our new unit called ‘Writing Skills’, the students looked at a variety of skills and techniques that will help them write a creative narrative. The students used the five senses to create a setting description, we went outside to help us with this. We also worked on different types of figurative language and dialogue to help create tension and suspense. Next week, we will look at character descriptions as well as ways to hook the reader.