Week 10 Update

Hello everyone!

A super busy week ended with some scary fun! I hope the students didn’t eat too much candy!

In maths, we moved on to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. The class played some games to help reinforce their learning.

This week we completed our unit on ‘Adaptability’ so we ended this with our Exit Point lesson were the students reflect on their learning and the Big Idea they used animaker to make an animated presentation. We also started our new IMYC unit ‘Structures’ with an Entry Point, the students used Lego to create their own structure.

We ended this week with Scary Dress-up Day, Jeongwoo won best costume in the class. We also had a visit from former student Leigh-ah it was nice for the students to catch up with her.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!