Week 6 Update

Hello everyone!

A very short week this week as the school will be closed for Chuseok and then the Autumn break. The class performed an amazing sword and mask dance as part of the school celebration. All the other classes, also, impressed with each of there performances. To end our celebration the school went down to the gymnasium to play traditional Korean games.

The students also watched a presentation from UNESCO IMC about different martial arts, we were also lucky to receive wonderful gifts from them as well.

That is all for this week, have a wonderful Autumn break!

Week 5 Update

Hello everyone!

On Monday the school will be celebrating Chusoek it would be great to see the students wearing hanboks or traditional clothes from their country. As part of the Chusoek celebration the class will be performing a dance, the class has spent some of this week practicing.

In Science, the students have continued their work around adaptations. The students conducted an experiment, which allowed them to see how different bird’s beaks have adapted to allow them catch their food.

In English, the students have now finished reading Skellig, they will have a final assessment next week where they will analyze the text and answer a question independently. After Chuseok the class will start a new unit in English.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

We are now four weeks into the first term and the Year 6-9 have settled into their new Middle School curriculum and are really rising to the challenges this brings!

A sad end to the week, as we say farewell to Lina and Kristian, who are moving back to Norway. They will be very much missed by the class and the whole school. I wish them luck and success for the future.

In History this term, the students have been looking at how people adapted to conflict. They had to create a presentation showing how people adapted to German occupation, during World War II. On Tuesday, the students presented these.

In Science, the students have looked at how animals adapted to their environments. The students, worked on sorting animals into categories of hibernation, migration, adaptation then they created a poster explaining each of these.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

Week 3 Update

Hello everyone.

It has been short week due to the typhoon, but still very busy. The students continue to adapt to Middle School life and learning.

This week in maths, the students have worked on multiplication of whole numbers and decimals. To help revise our times tables we played an interactive game.

The students also spent some of this week making swords for out Chuseok performance. We will begin to practice our dance next week, hopefully we have enough time to put it all together!

For ICT this term the students will be coding an animation related to our IMYC topic Adaptation.

Week 2 Update

Hello everyone.

An unusual week this week, as the school was disrupted due to a typhoon and school was closed because of this. Unfortunately, another typhoon is forecast for Monday and the Hanmeaum Centre has decided to close, to deal with this closure laptops are being sent home so online classes can take place as long as we all have power to get us through the day.

This week in History we looked at a timeline of events that lead up to the Second World War. First, we made a timeline together then the students work in pairs to make a more detailed one using googlslides.

In English, we carried on reading our class text, the students looked at writing Point Evidence Explanation answers, analysing character’s feeling and explore themes.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend and see you all online for Monday.