Term 2 Week 11

Unit of Inquiry

The Year 5/6 students did a fantastic job of leading the whole school assembly on Monday. We had a nice variety of work presented to the school about our theme, Hand Phones, that came in the form of skits, well produced videos, poems, and a debate that transitioned well to deliver an overall message: Cell phones are useful, but must be used responsibly. 

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This week we extended our understanding of character traits and their role in our learning. We also applied this knowledge to writing our own reports in preparation for Term 2 Reports being sent home later in the week. The students did a great job of reflecting on their learning and setting their own targets. They added finishing touches to their student portfolios which will be presented to the parents at next week’s conferences. The Year 5/6’s also assessed Mr. McCrimmon’s teaching and provided him with useful next steps so he can continue to improve. This week Mr. McCrimmon was impressed with the level of thoughtful reflection displayed by the students. This class has been special because the students are very aware of their learning.

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In maths we have continued to apply our knowledge of measure and converting units to practical projects around the class. The students submitted their floor plans of their houses from last week. We decided we would undertake the project for a second time so we can compare our work and identify ways we have improved.