Term 2 Week 9

Mentor Programme

This week the mentors in the school worked with younger students and helped them develop their throwing and catching skills. They also helped them with important life skills like tying their shoes and zipping up their coats. It was very nice to see students developing their leadership skills and for all students to be working together on a common goal.

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World Maths Day

On Wednesday the Year 5/6 students participated in World Maths Day. They really enjoyed competing with schools from all around the world. In the process, we also started learning about time zones, flags, and the geographical location of countries.20180307_114737


The Year 5/6’s have been working on their throwing, catching, and dribbling with tennis balls. We have develop our skills and are learning many traditional schoolyard games. Mr. McCrimmon would like to encourage the parents to share their childhood games involving a tennis ball with their children.

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Goodbye Sara

Amid all the great learning this week, we also had to say goodbye to Sara. We wish her well on her journey back home to Malaysia. We will miss Sara, Danish, and Rayyan. Luckily, we will still be able to keep in touch via email and Skype.

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