International Food Share

The Year 5/6 Students thoroughly enjoyed the International Food Share. We worked together to learn more about the delicious foods presented by the parents. The students developed their interviewing skills, took photos, and recorded important information about each dish.

Country: Philippines



Dish: Lumpia

Ingredients: Meat, vegetables, and spring roll wrapper

Description: Chewy, dry, hard spring roll


Name: Pancit Bihon

Ingredients: Glass noodles, vegetables, soy sauce, and chicken

Description: Stretchy, moist, smooth, and chewy

Country: Germany20180228_111109

Dish: Apple Crumble Cake

Ingredients: Wheat, Apple, Milk, Egg, Flour, Sugar, and Vanilla

Description: The shape is a square and it is sweet and crunchy



Dish: Homemade Noodles With Cheese

Ingredients: Wheat, Water, Olive oil, Egg, Flour, Onion, Cheese, and Salt

Description: The shape looks like a half moon and it is smooth and sweet
Country: Romania


Dish: Donuts

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, vanilla, water and oil

Description: Sweet, soft, yeast and smells like sugar



Dish: Rolls

Ingredients: Oil, water and flour

Description: Sweet, rough and smells like fresh bread



Dish: Bread

Ingredients: Water, salt, flour, yeast and oil

Description: Crunchy, chewy, dry and smells like flour


Country: Iran


Dish: Aash

Ingredients: Beef, rice, peas, lentils, onions, garlic and vegetables

Description: Salty beef, soft vegetables, thinly cut beef, sticky soup, and smells like garlic



Dish: Halwa

Ingredients: Wheat, sugar , oil, cinnamon, Iranian zaffron, rose water

Description: Circular, smells like cinnamon, soft and bumpy


Dish : Adas polo

Ingredients: White/yellow rice, lentils, onion, raisins, dates, beef, cinnamon and Iranian zaffron

Description: Salty, sweet, bitter, beef, raisins nd dates are spreaded around the plate


Country: New Zealand

Picture 1

Dish: Roast lamb

Ingredients: Lamb, oil, roast potato, pea, and carrots

Description: It has salty and sour vegetables (pea and carrots)  with a soft, smooth, and tender lamb meat, and smells savoury

Country:United States of America20180228_111708

Dish: Brownies

Ingredients: Chocolate

Description:Dark brown, square, soft, sweet and smells like chocolate



Dish: Oreo Dessert

Ingredients:Crushed oreos and dark chocolate

Description:Bitter, soft ,shaped as a circle and smells like dark chocolate



Dish:Macaroni and Cheese

Ingredients:Macaroni and Cheese

Description:Crunchy and cheesy