The Year 5-9 students played a pivotal role in our HFS Winter Olympics event. They started by brainstorming what they wanted to include using a mind map, and divided responsibilities accordingly.  The Year 5-9 students worked collaboratively to:

  • Choose, plan, and write instructions for our 10 different stations
  • Assign venues for each event and create a map outlining the exact locations
  • Provide constructive criticism to their peers as a way to improve the overall project
  • Divide the school into teams and assign team leaders
  • Use their graphic design skills to create posters, signs and advertisements
  • Explore the idea of sending letters to potential sponsors
  • Initiate the concept of a Torch Relay  and map out the details for others to follow
  • Write a series of opening/closing ceremony speeches and choose individuals to present their work
  • Continuously revise, review, and reflect on their plans and ideas throughout the project
  • Debate whether we should have medals/winners and listen to other peoples’ opinions
  • Design and create our Olympic Torch
  • Help staff before, during and after the event

Overall Mr. Munden and Mr. McCrimmon were pleased with the level of independence and responsibility exhibited by the students. Their creativity and hard work paved the way for a successful day. Very well done to all of the Year 5-9 students! You have made your teachers, parents, and the community very proud.