Term 2 Week 4

Unit of Inquiry

This week the Year 5/6 students wrote their own presentations about an Olympic Event so they could teach one another, as well as other members of the school. They utilized their ICT skills by pairing their audio files with selected segments of video using an editing program. Then we combined all of our videos into an educational video about Olympic Events that will be premiered to the school during next week’s assembly.

20180126_120206 20180126_120210

We also began designing variations of our own events and will be demonstrating some of those ideas in one week’s time. This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be heavily focused on organizing every aspect of the assembly for Monday, February 5th. We have divided our responsibilities which include: script writers, emcees, ICT crew, stage crew, presenters, demonstrators, planners, and supervisors. The students have done a great job of collaborating with one another towards a common goal. They are also developing their planning skills, while continuing to work on various elements of reading, writing, speaking and listening

20180131_112308 20180131_112258 20180131_112252 20180130_112656


In Maths we have continued our work on mixed operations and solving equations to find the value of unknown variables. The students are beginning to show they can apply their knowledge of operations involving all four rules. Some of the tasks have been quite challenging and are testing everyone’s resilience.


This week we will wrap up our unit on Badminton. The students have continued to progress and we will conclude with a friendly badminton tournament.

Other News

Markos came by our class for a visit today. We were all very happy to see him so we decided to get a few photos in. Miss you Markos and the best of luck on your educational journey!