Term 2 Week 3

Unit of Inquiry

In Year 5/6 we have started to combine our Literacy and IPC lessons into a Unit of Inquiry about Our Place in the World. Throughout the term we will be exploring the central idea of how nations are connected by conflict, cooperation, and shared experiences. In Weeks 1 and 2, we focused on migration/maps and developed our own projects while connecting them to the theme. Below is an example of our work on migration which included: reports, short stories, auto-biographies, recounts, and interview notes.



This week the Year 5/6 students began their own projects about all of the Winter Olympic events to help them prepare for our HFS Winter Olympics.  Next week they will begin producing a short video about Olympic events, which will be presented at the school assembly on February 5th. They will also begin preparing their own variations of official events and demo some of their ideas at the assembly.

Below are a few other highlights from this week.


This week we focused heavily on understanding the connections between fractions, decimals, and percentages. To apply our understanding, we completed a series of self-selected challenges and recorded our results in all three formats.

20180124_094219 20180124_093713




In PE we have been learning about Net/Wall activities. The students have shown progress in their badminton skills.

20180111_143938 20180111_143929