October Newsletter

October has been a great month for the Year 5/6 students. Here are a few highlights from what we have been learning:



Unit Title: Non-Chronological Reports and Explanatory Texts

During this unit we have learned to:

  • discover the features of a non-chronological report by taking photos of various reports and labeling them for the class to see
  •  take notes for a purpose while using short form/abbreviations
  • write in the third-person and present tense
  •  organize our notes into different categories to help us decide on headings/sub-headings
  • find reliable sources of information from the internet
  • record information in our own words/avoid plagiarism
  • write full sentences from our notes
  • publish our work using IT


The students have made their own reports about an animal and have taken it home to show their families or have kindly donated their book to Year 1/2 class. Our next mini-project is a whole class report about HFS.


Unit Title: Geometry and Problem Solving

During this unit we have learned to:

  • identify different types of triangles (isosceles, equilateral, scalene) and their properties
  • measure and draw various angles using a protractor
  • plot coordinates on a Cartesian Plane
  • find the area and perimeter of various shapes
  • rotate, reflect, and translate shapes along an axis
  • further develop our multiplication strategies involving various digits and decimals



Unit Title: Making New Materials

During this unit we have learned to:

  • design and conduct a fair test
  • classify materials and describe their properties
  • identify reversible and irreversible changes
  • test for soluble and insoluble materials
  • distinguish between different types of metals and their uses
  • understand the uses of different materials and why they are suitable for that purpose
  • make a new material and describe the manufacturing process
  • understand that some materials are conductors, insulators, magnetic, and non-magnetic
  • further understand states of matter and how molecules are arranged within them
  • use our own questions to guide a research project


In other news, some of the Year 5/6 students ventured to Daegu for a futsal tournament and should be very proud of their performance. The boys finished with a record of 1-1-1 and the girls were 2-1. Their success at the tournament was due in large part to their commitment to practicing regularly and working together as a team. Well done!