Term 3 Week 2

Book Week

Book week has been a huge success. The students enjoyed dressing up on Monday and we have had the privilege of having several guest readers in this week.

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Maths: Design the New School

This week we began an ambitious project to design the new HFS that will be built at the Science College. We took the existing parameters for the new school site, and worked them into our plans. The students decided to split into 3 groups, each responsible for one floor of the building, and we elected a supervisor. Thereafter, we ensured our measurements were accurate and to scale. All of the groups found ensuring each wall met at a right angle particularly challenging which had adverse effects on the measurements. All of the students displayed perseverance during this project and have begun to lay out rooms for the new site. We also learned about the age old saying Measure twice, cut once.

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In connection to our Maths project, the students wrote about their ideal school. They went through the writing process for this project by planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their work. The students were also able to make connection to our central idea People can make choices to support the sustainability of the Earth’s resources by outlining different ways their ideal school could help the environment. Some of the ideas included: automatic doors, solar panels, reusing water/materials, rooftop gardens, and using bikes that generate electricity.

Seoul Trip Payment

This is a gentle reminder that the balance of 448,000 KRW for the Seoul residential trip needs to be sent to the office before the end of the school day on Friday 20th April 2018. A packing list for the trip will be circulated later this week.