Weekly Project

On Friday, December 15th, the Year 5/6 students will be having an end of term celebration. The weekly project will be to prepare something for our celebration. Please be creative and think of something unique. The following are some ideas if students are stuck.

Some ideas

  • an invitation for others (other students/staff)
  • a programme (will require some coordination with other students)
  • a game to play with instructions
  • a video presentation
  • signs for different areas of the room
  • a homemade snack with a list of ingredients/instructions on how to make it
  • a floor plan of how to arrange the room
  • a list of songs we should play (artist, title, song length)
  • some research on holidays that occur in December to share with others
  • seating arrangements with name tags
  • end of term personalized cards/letters for each student
  • farewell cards for our friends that are finishing at HFS at the end of term 1
  • some decorations for the room (be sure include your measurements for each item and where they will go)

Other ideas are welcome. The goal is to be working on a creative, thoughtful, or innovative task that allows students to apply their knowledge and skills. These tasks may involve some mathematical calculations, scientific knowledge, awareness of history/geographical terms, as well as ongoing skills being developed in literacy. Work can be completed individually or as a group. For projects that require coordination, I would highly recommend students develop an effective communication system.