Weekly Project

In connection with our IPC unit Making Materials the Year 5/6 students need to make a new material (or use an existing material in a creative way) and bring it to class to show others. Students should be prepared to:

  • present your new material for others to see/touch/test
  • explain what the new material is comprised of
  • explain the process for making the new material


Weekly Project

The weekly project this week will focus on our IPC Learning Goal of the Week: Thoughtfulness.

Students should interview their parents with the following sentence starter “My son/daughter has been thoughtful this week because he/she has…”

The goal is for parents to give many examples. To achieve this, students must work hard throughout the week to show their appreciation for their parents. Parents could note anything they see as thoughtful so they have examples ready for their interview. The video does not need to be long as the main focus is the tasks leading up to it.

Some ways you can show your appreciation to your parents:

  • clean your room
  • take out the garbage
  • cook a meal
  • wash the dishes
  • take care of siblings
  • tidy other areas of the house (yes, even the bathroom)
  • vacuum
  • run an errand
  • find ways to help mum and dad
  • make something for them
  • ask them what they need or would like done
  • be agreeable
  • think about them before yourself
  • changing your attitude/behaviour so it is easier for mum/dad
  • anything else you can think of

I look forward to seeing your videos as they will corroborate your claims. Videos can be uploaded to the Google Drive Folder>Weekly Projects>Thoughtfulness


Weekly Project

Find a news article that you think would be interesting for others to read.

You must:

  • include the link or article
  • summarize it in your own words
  • give your opinion about the topic
  • ensure it is appropriate for school (positive news if possible)
  • save your project using Google Slides into the Weekly Project Folder