Weekly Project

A report about your Chuseok Holiday on Google Slides.

Each report should be in chronological order and include:

  • photographs
  • recounts
  • captions for photos

Year 5/6 Monthly Newsletter


During our Unit on Stories from Familiar Settings we have been focusing on Charlotte’s Web by E.B White for a whole class novel study. We were able to take ideas and themes from the text to complete writing tasks which have included:

  • describing characters with textual evidence
  • developing mood/atmosphere to describe a setting
  • writing from different viewpoints/perspectives about a controversial issue
  • using a thesaurus to replace repeated words/enhance our writing
  • planning our own stories with an introduction, rising action, problem, resolution, and ending
  • creating a rough draft of our stories
  • editing our work
  • publishing our work using IT and Google Docs
  • Formatting and illustrating
  • Presenting our stories to other students at HFS
  • looking for patterns in our writing so we can determine our own next steps


We started our Number and Problem Solving unit by focusing on place value, reading and writing numbers in different ways (partitioning/expanded form/in words), ordering, using greater than/less than/equals signs and multiplying/dividing by multiples of 10, 100 or 1000. Over the last few weeks we have been very focused on developing our calculating skills for problems involving:

  • multiplication facts
  • multiplying one, two and three digit numbers (mentally and with a written method)
  • dividing whole numbers evenly, with a remainder, and to the nearest hundredth in decimal form
  • adding/subtracting multiple numbers with exchanging
  • mixed operations and focusing on the BEDMAS acronym
  • algebraic expressions

During our unit the students have had opportunities to direct their future learning by identifying areas they wish to improve. The Year 5/6 class has shown great awareness in this area.


We have just concluded our unit Brain Wave. The focus of the unit was to explore how the brain works and how we learn/can improve our learning. We learned about:

  • the parts of the brain as well as their functions
  •  the different areas of academic learning (knowledge, skills, understanding)
  • growth and fixed mindsets
  • the IPC learning goals and how they impact learning
  • international mindedness
  • the limits of our memory and ways to improve it
  • metacognition
  • projects/presentations students had created at home showcasing their learning from the unit


The students are beginning to take ownership for their learning in and out of the class. Thus far I am pleased with their effort towards  challenging tasks and they should be very proud of themselves.



Weekly Project

Students will write a Book Report about the most recent novel they have completed. The report should be completed using Google Slides and saved in the Shared Homework Folder.

Each Book Report should include:

  • Title
  • Author’s name
  • Genre
  • A synopsis or summary
  • Opinion about the book
  • Favourite Part
  • Images relevant to the text
  • Professional looking design

GL Assessment Week

The school has recently adopted the Progress Test Series by GL Assessment as the way we measure students progress in the school.  It is hoped that the information provided by these assessments will provide a clearer illustration to the parents on how their son/daughter is doing at school.  More information about the assessments can be found here.

As part of the school starting to use these tests we need to perform “benchmark” tests with the students.  The purpose of these benchmark tests is to get a starting level for the students.  This information will be then used to further inform the teachers what the students can and cannot do and help us to plan our lessons accordingly. The score from these assessments will also be used as the score against which we measure the students progress at the end of the school year.

Year 3/4, Year 5/6 and Year 7/8/9 will be taking these tests in Week 5 of this term (25/09/2017 – 29/09/2017).  Due to the purpose of these tests, i.e. to provide extra information to the teachers about what the students can and cannot do already, the students should not be “cramming” for these tests.  However, it is important that the students are in school for the days that they have the tests.  Teachers will be posting onto the class page the exact timetable for these tests closer to the time.

Weekly Project

In connection with our Brainwave unit in IPC, the Year 5/6 students must complete one of the following by next Wednesday:

  • poster about what you have learned about the brain
  • a report with interesting facts about the brain or how we learn (in your own words)a video presentation (made by you) telling others about how we learn

Ulju Mountain Film Festival

Students in Year 3-9 have been invited to attend the Ulju Mountain Film Festival to take part in a number of fun activities on Friday 22nd September 2017. Whilst there, the students will get the chance to experience a Tree Climbing ‘Namunori’ Fun Route, walk along the Relaxation Route, enjoy a Yeongnam Alps Virtual Reality Experience and take part in silkscreen printing. Students will need to bring with them a white or lightly coloured plain t-shirt or canvas bag for them to take part in the silkscreen printing activity. We will leave school at 9:10 am and will be back by the end of the school day. We will be travelling to the festival by coach and the students will need to bring a packed lunch with them that does not need to be heated.

Please complete the permission form if you are happy for your son/daughter to take part. Waist measurements are needed for the harnesses which will be used in the tree climbing activity. Blood type has been requested by the festival organisers as a precaution.