The Year 5-9 students played a pivotal role in our HFS Winter Olympics event. They started by brainstorming what they wanted to include using a mind map, and divided responsibilities accordingly.  The Year 5-9 students worked collaboratively to:

  • Choose, plan, and write instructions for our 10 different stations
  • Assign venues for each event and create a map outlining the exact locations
  • Provide constructive criticism to their peers as a way to improve the overall project
  • Divide the school into teams and assign team leaders
  • Use their graphic design skills to create posters, signs and advertisements
  • Explore the idea of sending letters to potential sponsors
  • Initiate the concept of a Torch Relay  and map out the details for others to follow
  • Write a series of opening/closing ceremony speeches and choose individuals to present their work
  • Continuously revise, review, and reflect on their plans and ideas throughout the project
  • Debate whether we should have medals/winners and listen to other peoples’ opinions
  • Design and create our Olympic Torch
  • Help staff before, during and after the event

Overall Mr. Munden and Mr. McCrimmon were pleased with the level of independence and responsibility exhibited by the students. Their creativity and hard work paved the way for a successful day. Very well done to all of the Year 5-9 students! You have made your teachers, parents, and the community very proud.

Term 2 Week 5


Last week we prepared for our assembly presentation. The students in Year 5/6 did not disappoint. Well done to the entire class for pulling together to provide an exciting and engaging assembly for all to enjoy!


Unit of Inquiry

This week we began planning for the HFS Winter Olympics with Mr. Munden’s class. We will be working collaboratively together over the next several days to prepare for the event to be held following the Seollal Holiday.


20180207_092037 20180207_105610 20180207_091423 20180207_091503



We have continued to explore mixed operations. We have also started examining solving problems involving money using the four rules.



Despite the cold weather, we have been outside enjoying the sunshine and developing our handball skills. The students have shown excellent teamwork and have developed their throwing/catching skills.


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Term 2 Week 4

Unit of Inquiry

This week the Year 5/6 students wrote their own presentations about an Olympic Event so they could teach one another, as well as other members of the school. They utilized their ICT skills by pairing their audio files with selected segments of video using an editing program. Then we combined all of our videos into an educational video about Olympic Events that will be premiered to the school during next week’s assembly.

20180126_120206 20180126_120210

We also began designing variations of our own events and will be demonstrating some of those ideas in one week’s time. This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be heavily focused on organizing every aspect of the assembly for Monday, February 5th. We have divided our responsibilities which include: script writers, emcees, ICT crew, stage crew, presenters, demonstrators, planners, and supervisors. The students have done a great job of collaborating with one another towards a common goal. They are also developing their planning skills, while continuing to work on various elements of reading, writing, speaking and listening

20180131_112308 20180131_112258 20180131_112252 20180130_112656


In Maths we have continued our work on mixed operations and solving equations to find the value of unknown variables. The students are beginning to show they can apply their knowledge of operations involving all four rules. Some of the tasks have been quite challenging and are testing everyone’s resilience.


This week we will wrap up our unit on Badminton. The students have continued to progress and we will conclude with a friendly badminton tournament.

Other News

Markos came by our class for a visit today. We were all very happy to see him so we decided to get a few photos in. Miss you Markos and the best of luck on your educational journey!


Term 2 Week 3

Unit of Inquiry

In Year 5/6 we have started to combine our Literacy and IPC lessons into a Unit of Inquiry about Our Place in the World. Throughout the term we will be exploring the central idea of how nations are connected by conflict, cooperation, and shared experiences. In Weeks 1 and 2, we focused on migration/maps and developed our own projects while connecting them to the theme. Below is an example of our work on migration which included: reports, short stories, auto-biographies, recounts, and interview notes.



This week the Year 5/6 students began their own projects about all of the Winter Olympic events to help them prepare for our HFS Winter Olympics.  Next week they will begin producing a short video about Olympic events, which will be presented at the school assembly on February 5th. They will also begin preparing their own variations of official events and demo some of their ideas at the assembly.

Below are a few other highlights from this week.


This week we focused heavily on understanding the connections between fractions, decimals, and percentages. To apply our understanding, we completed a series of self-selected challenges and recorded our results in all three formats.

20180124_094219 20180124_093713




In PE we have been learning about Net/Wall activities. The students have shown progress in their badminton skills.

20180111_143938 20180111_143929

Weekly Project

Last week the students were to write a persuasive argument about homework or spelling tests. Many students did not complete this assignment on time. The students that completed the work on time are exempt from this week’s project.

The remaining students must:

  • submit their persuasive piece of writing by tomorrow January 25th, 2018
  • prepare an explanation for why they did not complete their work on time and outline how they will improve in this area (one paragraph for each, minimum one page single spaced, handwritten)

Weekly Project Term 2 Week 2

Submit a handwritten piece of persuasive writing that answers one of the following questions.

Should we have homework?

Should we have spelling tests?


Students should use the following guidelines to direct their writing:

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Term 2 Week 1

Weekly Project

This week we read The Arrival by Shaun Tan in connection with our investigations about human migrations. This week students should produce their own version of the story. Their stories should:

  • consist only of pictures/illustrations
  • highlight some of the issues/benefits of emigrating to a new place
  • be clear with a coherent progression of ideas
  • be presented in a professional manner and in landscape format so we can add it to our class display
  • have an accompanying reflection that explains some of the themes or ideas in the pictures



Weekly Project

On Friday, December 15th, the Year 5/6 students will be having an end of term celebration. The weekly project will be to prepare something for our celebration. Please be creative and think of something unique. The following are some ideas if students are stuck.

Some ideas

  • an invitation for others (other students/staff)
  • a programme (will require some coordination with other students)
  • a game to play with instructions
  • a video presentation
  • signs for different areas of the room
  • a homemade snack with a list of ingredients/instructions on how to make it
  • a floor plan of how to arrange the room
  • a list of songs we should play (artist, title, song length)
  • some research on holidays that occur in December to share with others
  • seating arrangements with name tags
  • end of term personalized cards/letters for each student
  • farewell cards for our friends that are finishing at HFS at the end of term 1
  • some decorations for the room (be sure include your measurements for each item and where they will go)

Other ideas are welcome. The goal is to be working on a creative, thoughtful, or innovative task that allows students to apply their knowledge and skills. These tasks may involve some mathematical calculations, scientific knowledge, awareness of history/geographical terms, as well as ongoing skills being developed in literacy. Work can be completed individually or as a group. For projects that require coordination, I would highly recommend students develop an effective communication system.