Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W13

A short update this week… It has been a very busy week for me!

This week we have been…

  • Calculating the area and perimeter of shapes in Maths
  • Starting a new novel in English – Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse
  • Speaking with the visitors from CIS and explaining what it is like to learn at HFS
  • Making timelines of the lives of famous people from history
  • Practising in our various groups for the winter show
  • Perfecting our rapping skills.

Miss Yuli needs some things

We need some bottles!

The students in Ms McCellan and Mr de Klerk’s classes will soon be starting an art project using bottles.  We need to collect as many glass bottles as possible.  Please wash and send us any old bottles that you have at home. Any size is fine.  Remember to pack it carefully in their bag. We need them as soon as possible.

We also need some denim!

The students in Mr Green and Mr Dunn’s class in will be starting an art project involving denim material.  If you have any old denim (jeans) at home can you please send them into school? We will be cutting the jeans up to make Christmas decorations.

Thank you 

Great Learning Happening