Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W12

Meet the Year 4/5 Class

This week we had a great time…

  • Taking some new photographs for the Star of the Week display (see above)
  • Making a timetable of our lives using photographs from home – Thank you for sending all the pictures
  • Learning about coordinates in Maths and drawing treasure maps. We also learned about translations
  • Playing basketball with Mr Dunn
  • Starting to practice our performances for the Winter Show – We have some very talented singers and performers in our class.
  • Finishing reading the Railway Children (our historical novel) and writing book reviews.

The Multiplication Race

In maths recently I have been challenging the students to improve their rapid recall of multiplication facts. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do the ‘Multiplication Race’ which is a short test of multiplication facts. To pass a level you have to complete the grid in under 5 minutes. We have students on level 1 through to level 4 and everyone is improving. I always tell the students that they are competing against themselves and that all I want to see is a little improvement each week. Extra sheets are always available to take home for practice.

Extra Homework Challenges

One of my favourite things each week is seeing the students trying the extra homework challenges. I love the emails I receive and the talks I have will students about the questions.

Thank you and keep it up.

The Week in Pictures

The Winter Show

If any student want to perform something special in the Winter Show they need to let me know soon. I am already working with a couple of groups to prepare songs. All the students will be involved in the show in some way. We have a class performance and I will need lots of backstage staff.

Star of the Week

This week the Star of the Week was awarded to Nathan for Creativity