Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W11

It has been a pleasure being able to teach the children everyday this week!

I hope they had as much fun as I did.

This week we have had great fun…

Starting our new IPC Unit “Time Tunnel”– We got really creative and had lots of fun designing our very own “Time Tunnels”. Things got a little messy and paint was flying but the end results were fantastic.

Continuing with our historical novel “The Railway Children”- We finally found out what happened to dad and the students didn’t want to stop reading. We wrote a diary entry and created some lovely birthday cards for one of the characters.

Measuring to the nearest cm in maths- We measured and compared lots of classroom objects and even measured the size of our classroom! The students enjoyed making a floor plan of the classroom which included all of our desks too.

The most fun though was measuring our feet, hands and arms! 

In PE– This was the last week for  badminton and it has been great to see the students improve so much. Next week we will be moving on to the basketball court and practising our passes!

Next Week…

We are going to be making our own life timelines, so for homework I have asked the class to bring in some pictures of them growing up. If you would prefer to email them to myself or Mr Green then that would also be fine. 

The week in pictures…