Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W10

This week we have had great fun…

  • Celebration Halloween – As you can see, we wore some great Halloween costumes and had a fun day. I liked the fact that everyone costume was different and that lots of things had been made ourselves. Mrs Sim’s costume was much better than Mr Green’s!
  • Reading some more of The Railway Children – our historical novel. Year 4/5 are really getting into the story and we are wondering what will happen next.
  • Learning about units of measurement in Maths – It was a bit tricky this week as we had to convert units of measurement. There was lots of multiplying and dividing by 1000 going on. Don’t worry, we are going to look at this again next week.
  • Finishing our IPC unit Feel the Force – We made some cool posters to show everything we had learned in this unit. There have certainly been lots of experiments! – Next week we will start a new unit – The Time Tunnel
  • Celebrating Seongyun’s birthday – We had a good laugh at the funny video of him being a rock star.

Our New IPC Unit – The Time Tunnel

It is time to study some history, geography and art!

Listen to what the unit plan tells us we are going to be learning…

Chronology involves putting things in the right order. This is very important when studying history because it helps us to see ‘the big picture’ – to understand the reasons why things have happened and how the present is influenced by the past.

In History, we’ll be finding out…

  • How historical time can be recorded and measured
  • How we can sort, sequence and order the past
  • How we can interpret events to explore the attitudes of people in the past What happened at different times in different cultures

In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the history of a location in the host country
  • How the movements of people affect the physical and human features of a location
  • How we can use maps to find out about the history of a location

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

  • How artists from different periods have used art to record history How we can use art to record a historical event

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Next Week

Mrs Sim will be teaching the Year 4/5 every day next week while Mr Green spends some time working with the Year 2/3 class. Mr Green will be in the Year 4/5 class to teach at least one lesson every day and will be back next week.

I suspect my students like Mrs Sim more than me anyway!


Lots of great learning going on!