Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W9

(I changed the week to week 9 because all the other classes were counting this as week 9)

This week we have had great fun…

  • Playing badminton in P.E with Mr Dunn and Mrs Sim. This is our second-week playing badminton in the big gym and our skills are improving. This week the Year 6-9 class joined us and we played together.
  • Designing and making our own marble run games. The kids said this was the most fun thing we did this week. They were challenged to make a marble run course using card, pins and sticky tape. The best designs also used paper cups to make tunnels and sometimes even split into two courses.
  • Reading the Railway Children by Edith Nesbit (adapted). We are studying novels with a historical setting in English and we have chosen to read this classic novel. So far in the story, we have met the children; Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis and seen them move from the city to the country. They also nearly got in trouble for stealing some coal.
  • Multiplied and dividing in Maths. This week we were trying to get quicker at mental multiplication, especially for numbers 1-12. It is really helpful if we know this off-by-heart by year 4 or 5. We also thought about when we need to round-up or round-down after dividing. If we are booking buses for a school trip, we need to round-up; if we are counting complete sets of something, we need to round-down.


Scary dress-up day

Don’t forget that next Friday is scary dress-up day! I am really looking forward to seeing what things get off the bus on Friday!

Goodbye Rana

Unfortunately, this week we had to say goodbye to Rana. Rana was a member of our class for a long time and all the kids will miss her. Good luck Rana!

Times Tables Challenge

I think some of us need a bit of practice with out times tables.

Why not try doing a column of this worksheet everyday?

(click to enlarge and print)