Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W7

It’s great to be back!

It is great to be back in class after a nice holiday. Everyone looks refreshed and ready to learn again.

Mr Green a lovely holiday…

  • Riding his bike up and down the coast
  • Visiting his in-laws for Chuseok
  • Playing with our new cat
  • enjoying some peace and quiet
  • and hanging out with his family

This week we have had fun…

  • Doing another science experiment. This time we were looking at how air resistance affects how far a car will roll.
  • Doing yet another science experiment. This time we were trying to make parachutes that would help an object fall slowly.
  • Being to read some Historical Fiction, stories set in the past. We read an extract from Street Child by Berlie Doherty. I was very impressed by how well the students were able to understand a different passage.
  • Doubling two-digit numbers in Maths.
  • Playing some badminton with Mr Dunn in P.E
  • Revising a little on Word Classes – Noun, Verb, adjective etc. I think we have a bit of revision to do here

It has been a great start to the second half of the term and I hope we can keep up the good work all the way to Christmas.

Chuseok Celebrations

In case you missed it, here is the video of the Chuseok presentations and the fun we had afterwards.

Goodbye Juveria

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Juveria on Thursday as she is heading off to America. Juveria has been a great classmate and friend to everyone for many years and we are very sad to see her go.

Good luck Juveria!


Next week we will be…

  • Reading more historical fiction and beginning to explore the type of language used
  • Bringing our IPC Unit – Feel the Force to a grand conclusion by presenting everything we have learned in a poster and video
  • Practising some more multiplication and division in Maths

Well done everyone!