Year 4/5 Class Update – T1W4

Another great week in Year 4/5.

This week we have had fun…

  • Talking about the music we like and why we like it
  • Finishing our reports and looking at each other’s reports
  • Trying some difficult multiplication and division
  • Doing the Entry Point and Knowledge Harvest for our new IPC Unit ‘Feel the Force’
  • Mrs Sim made paper spinners and climbing frogs with us to explore friction and forces.
  • Finally getting outside for some P.E

Please remember

  • The students need a good snack to get them through to lunchtime without complaining about being hungry
  • P.E might be outside or inside from now on so please wear appropriate footwear
  • Some bits of the homework are complusary and some are optional

Shared Resources

If the students are able to access their school Google Account at home, I have shared a folder containing many of the resources we use in class. The resources are labeled by week and day so you can easily see what we have been doing and use the resources to revise if you would like to.

I will show the students how to access this folder again next week.

Principal Green

You are probably aware that Mr Green will be taking over as school Principal in November. I just wanted to reassure you that this will not affect my work with my class. My first responsibility and my greatest joy will always be in the classroom with my students.