Week 11 News

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been an exciting week in the year 3-4 classroom. We began with a visit from a special guest, Miss Mia Shin, who joined the class for the day on Monday.mia

The students were happy to have her join us for the day and made her feel right at home as she participated in the learning activities.

In English, we learned a creepy performance poem and the students had a contest to see who could recite it with the most expression to scare Mr. Kearney.

20200706_152447 20200706_152141

The boys did well with their spooky rendition of “Do you dare…?”

In Math, we linked with our IPC unit on “Time and Space” with an exploration of how the lengths of shadows change depending on where the light source is.

20200706_094428 1594362255578

We also took advantage of the sun and went outside to measure our own shadows in the morning and afternoon to see how they change. The students were surprised by the results.


20200708_092051 20200708_092107 20200708_092158 20200708_134704 20200708_134635

I am pleased that the student’s silkworm projects are coming along as expected with some of the silkworms emerging as moths.


In IPC this week the students also completed their research projects and posters about their planets.


We continued with data and measurement in Math by creating a line graph to show our progress in our weekly math tests for this term



In literacy, the students have worked their way through the novel “Matilda” and created a play based on the chapter “The Third Miracle” in which Miss Trunchbull gets her just desserts courtesy of Matilda and her powers. It was entertaining to watch the students perform their scenes. They had to create a character and cast list, write actions and dialogue with correct punctuation and create a props list and finally type up their final draft and rehearse and perform their play. Well done to them!

20200710_133940 20200710_114337

In P.E. we continued with our gymnastics unit, this week learning linking moves – the chassis steps – and practicing combining this with our jumps and leaps. next week the students will combine all of the moves into making their own gymnastics routine.


We ended off the week with a fun detective activity where the students had to work in pairs to solve clues and find the perpetrator. it was a fun brain-teasing activity that the students all enjoyed.





That is all for this week. Do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney