Week 9 Update -Happy Birthday Rana

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Dear Parents and children,

We are in the final month of the academic year but we are still keeping busy in the year 3-4 class.

This week we celebrated Rana’s birthday and all wished her happiness on the day.


We had the book character dress up day and it was entertaining to see the students in their book character get-ups, from Tintin to Dorothy and Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel to Dogman and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the students got creative in their costume designs. Well done to Reyansh for being selected as the best dressed for his Willy Wonka outfit.


In English this week we started looking at elements of poetry that we have learned as well as some new ones. We looked at rhyming patterns and personification as well as rhythm, simile and alliteration. The students also typed up the balanced arguments that they planned and in literacy reading Matilda, the students learned about the sad reasons for Miss Honey’s lifestyle. They then did an activity where they had to try and make a weekly budget based on what Miss Honey has to live on. It was an eye-opening exercise that they learned from.


In Math this week we were doing measurement, first reviewing all kinds of measurement and the units and tools used and then focusing on weight, converting grams and kilograms and measuring real life items to create a bar chart. The students also completed word problems about weight.

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In IPC we learned all about solar eclipses. The students learned about different reflective surfaces and had fun creating their own solar eclipse and then used the Augmented Reality software to research the different types of solar eclipses and made interactive movable posters to demonstrate their understanding. I am happy to report that their silkworms are thriving with some even making cocoons. The students are excited to see what will happen in the coming days as they take care of them.

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In P.E we continued with our gymnastics unit, this week learning vaults and jumps from a springboard and vaulting board. It was another full and fun week of learning.

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That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney