Term 3 Week 8 Welcome Back, Mr. K and Get well soon Chris!

Spelling Year 3: solar orbit satellite discussion mnemonic natural actual medical national festival

Spelling Year 3: solar orbit satellite discussion mnemonic dangerous mountainous joyous poisonous

Dear Parents and children,

It feels great to be back in the classroom after being absent for 2 weeks, I really missed teaching the students. This week we did a lot of fun things in the year 3-4 classroom. Firstly, I must mention that we all miss Chris dearly and began the week by making get well soon cards and sending messages to cheer him up.


In English we learned about mnemonics and created our own ones to remember the order of the planets in our solar system. We also looked at the features, pros and cons of a balanced argument -“Should children be allowed to own pets?” and started to plan our own balanced argument on a choice of different topics. In literacy we are really getting through “Matilda”. The students enjoyed reading about Matilda’s powers and felt sympathetic to find out how Miss Honey lives. We will continue reading chapters 17 and 18 next week.

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In Math we continued with our geometry unit on coordinates. The students learned how to translate the movement of shapes on a grid and track the coordinates. We rounded off the geometry unit by learning about the properties of different 3-D pyramids and making nets of these.

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IPC was a definite highlight as the students began their projects on “The Nature of Life” unit that we completed during E-learning. In groups they have to monitor and take care of silkworms, ensuring that they are fed and their enclosure is cleaned daily. They must also document the process of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly over the coming weeks and create a presentation of it.     For our current unit, “Time and space”, we used AR software to research things about outer space. We also learned a song about the planets in the solar system.

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In P.E. we started our unit on gymnastics by learning the correct way to jump and land and the proper way to complete as variety of different leaps as well as forward and backward rolls.

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A full and fun-filled week of learning it has been.  A reminder that Thursday 25 June will be “Book Character Dress-up Day” so please get let your child get creative with their choice of costume of a popular literary character. Classes will vote on the best dressed person. I look forward to seeing their outfits.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney