Term 3 Week 5 Update – Year 3-4’s return on Wednesday 3 June

New words

Year 3: adapt extinct habitat there their inspect respect spectator spectacular spectacles

Year 4: adapt extinct habitat there their calendar grammar regular peculiar popular

Dear Parents and children,

Next week we will return to in-class teaching. Please ensure that your child brings their laptops with all accessories as well as the folders with all the teaching supplies that we provided at the beginning of the E-learning program. The  completed work sheets may remain at home although students should bring their posters and comic creations to display and share with the class.

This week we covered a great deal of work in our learning. In English the students created their own fables with a moral that they chose. they then converted their fables into comic books. In grammar we practiced homophones to avoid confusion between to, too and two and there their and they’re. in literacy we completed chapters 9 and 10 of Matilda and discovered Miss Trunchbull’s scary talent for “Throwing the Hammer”.

juveria Cherry lois fable reyansh and seongyun

In Math this week we focused on division. first reviewing basic division facts and calculating division sums with remainders before moving on to strategies such as the Bus Stop written method. We then learned how to find fractions of whole numbers. We ended off the week with our weekly test and a game of “Division Bingo”.


In IPC this week we neared the end of our unit of “The Nature of Life” by understanding different habitats and what living creatures need to survive to avoid becoming extinct. The students made excellent presentations about animals that they researched. We learned about how animals adapt to the conditions of their habitat and the students got to create their own imaginary animal and explain how it has adapted to suit it’s environment.

Reyansh Anna Jeremy Chris Cherry

lois animal2 jeremy2

We finished off our P.E. unit on Health and Fitness with the students reviewing videos of the fitness activities that they have learned and practicing their favourite activities.

That is all for this week. I look forward to seeing them all back at school on Wednesday. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a face mask and, if they use the school bus, be sure to accompany your child to the bus stop at the regular scheduled time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney