Term 3 Week 3 Update and Spelling

New words
Year 3 – factor dilemma reptiles mammals amphibians enough young touch double courage
Year 4 – factor dilemma reptiles mammals amphibians autograph autopilot automobile autobiography automatic

Dear Parents and Children,

I am pleased that the year 3 -4’s will return to in-class teaching on Wednesday 3 June.

We have accomplished a lot in this full week of online teaching and learning. I am so impressed with how hard the year 3-4’s have worked.

In English the year 3’s learned that the letters “ou” can sound like “u” and the year 4’s learned the prefix “auto”. The students had fun making anagrams out of words and their names. In literacy we continued learning about fables, this week the famous stories of the Town mouse and Country Mouse and the Tortoise and the Hare. We even saw the story being put into practice for real and were all surprised when the tortoise also won in real life as the hare stopped midway for a rest. Next week the students will research a fable of their own and plan an original fable with a moral based on what we have learned. The students really enjoyed this weeks chapters of Matilda. They practiced their “Arithmetic” and came up with wonderfully creative tricks to play on Mr. Wormwood. For Teachers day the students wrote lovely character descriptions of what their perfect teacher would be like.

Year 3-4 English (3) Year 3-4 English Year 3-4 English (2)

In Math this week we learned about Factors – numbers that fit in to other numbers without any remainders or leftovers. The students also learned strategies for remembering their times tables up to 12’s. We will continue with multiplication and division next week.


In IPC we continued or exploration on the nature of life. The students are getting quite adept at classifying animals. We now understand that animals can be vertebrates or invertebrates and vertebrates can be further classified into other groups. The students brought some math into the IPC class by calculating the area of a leaf. They had a great time learning about life cycles and creating  a life cycle on a paper plate.

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In P.E. the students got some exercise by practicing their Karate and Ninja skills. They also practiced their juggling skills that we learned before.

Finally, We all wish Reyansh a awesometastically splendiferously Happy Birthday for Saturday 16 May! Have a great day Reyansh!

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

– Mr. Kearney