Week 8 Update – Virtual Learning

Dear Parents and Children,

I am pleased that the online learning platform that we setup was such a success. thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to get it up and running. I am glad that, despite the sudden need to close the school on Monday morning, we were able to get a full week of teaching and learning in. The students were very productive and we managed to cover all the material that was planned for this week. Well done to the super-tech-smart 3-4 class for quickly learning how to use Google classroom and Meets. I had fun in our daily lesson conferences. It was impressive to be able to conduct lessons with students as they were dispersed across the world.

Y (3)

In English we learned new spelling words, revised adverbials and learned about pronouns in our grammar. The students tied in to their IPC learning to create wonderfully creative myth stories explaining natural phenomena. the students shared their stories with each other in the online meeting.

Y (3)

In Math we learned about telling the time in analogue, digital and 24 -hour format. The students are now confident in their time-telling abilities so no excuses for skipping chores or being late.

Y (1)

In IPC we finished off looking at natural phenomena with an awesome home- experiment where we made a tornado in a bottle. We then  progressed on to how to be safe before, during and after certain natural disasters. The irony is not lost on me.

Y (4)

The school will be closed until Friday 13 March as we weather the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We are set to reopen on Monday 16 March should the situation be under control. If this is not the case and it is necessary for the school to be closed for a longer period, parents will be notified by email and text message before Monday 16 March.

Take care and be safe as we wait to overcome this challenge. I look forward to everything returning to normal soon.

Mr Kearney