Week 7 Update, spelling and School Trip Cancelled

Spelling Year 3: phrase flexible plot translate polygon grate great plain plane piece

Spelling Year 4: phrase flexible plot translate polygon certain celebrate ceremony certify center

Dear Parents,

I am pleased that we have crammed so much fun and learning into this week. Sadly, we have had to cancel our planned trip to the Emergency Activity Center next week due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak but that won’t stop us from having a good time while learning at HFS

We started by celebrating 100 Days of school this year with exciting math games around the number 100.20200217_095241 20200217_094950 20200217_093343

in English this week we continued looking at humorous poems and learned about adverbials in our grammar.

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In Math we enjoyed learning how to plot coordinates on to a grid to make shapes an then translate that shape into movement, ending off the week by making amazing emoji patterns using coordinates on our grid.

20200221_093335 20200221_093308

In IPC we got hands-on with tsunamis exploring the concept of wave shoaling.

20200218_115202 20200218_113528

We were even lucky enough to have had a glimpse of snow falling.

20200217_113447 20200217_113411

In P.E. we practiced our volleyball skills with balloons.

20200218_151611 20200218_151600 20200218_151553 20200218_150349

That is all for this week. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Mr. Kearney